Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Don't let an unexpected period ruin your day

No, my latest advertising sponsor is not Kotex, Playtex or Stayfree (fellas, if you're lost on this one, just bear with us). Nor are I gross and lacking of proper home training. I just thought it would be helpful to touch upon the potentially catastrophic e-ffects of a misused punctuation point. Today, my friends, we are going to discuss the period.

Can you recall the last time your boss took you to task over a minute, insignificant detail? Nonetheless, after surviving an email exchange of Watergate proportions, in which you more than likely explained four different times (in three different ways) all the what's, when's where's and why's behind every move, your cubicle confidence remains pretty high. After all, you even tossed in some of those extra-fancy bullet points, sub-bullets and indentations to help girly truly comprehend just how hard you worked on said project. Now, just when you are about to stroke your (swelling?) ego in anticipation of the your boss's "Great Job!" or "You ROCK!" or "Thanks a bunch!" email that's sure to follow, you bear witness to a punctuation parasite that threatens to make you fall mentally ill...


No comma. No magnificent-for-midyears exclamation point. Nada. You might even begin to wonder how the once happy and healthy explanation point suddenly broke its leg and dwindled down to a speck of an existence. Before you decide to get physical, however, let's ponder a few ways to deflect the bastard-anger back to its original source...

1. Ignore it (I know...LOL!!!)
2. Reply with an enthusiastic: "You're very welcome...let me know if I can help you with anything else!!!!" with enough !!! tossed in to make girly get the hint.
3. Toss your "b" of a boss the almighty "evil-one," (the Cocoa's most-fierce career operative) the smiley. Next, proceed to smile threw cursing teeth until your daily lunchtime vent or workout session.

And, if all else fails, as I (sometimes, but not often enough) like to tell myself: get over it.




strangee69 said...

I have to disagree with you on this one. I personally hate it when my boss decides to lavish me with praise. "You are a rock star," and "You are my sunshine" quite frankly make me nauseous. I would prefer your effusive praise to be reflected in my raise or bonus. Save your words until then.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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My boss doesn't even say thanks. She gets riled up over something, ready to lay into me, and when I have said task at the ready, all she can say is "oh". I'm with strangee69 on this one. I'm done expecting any sort of praise - "Eff you, pay me" is all I have to say these days.

Cocoa Girl said...

@ Anon - Geesh...your comment just turned my stomach. I've experienced my fair share of managers who do not know how to properly give praise...especially when due.

And, yes, "Oh" is all we get. It's as if these people expect everyone to fail them...and then bring those issues to work for the rest of us to deal with.

Just be glad you're not her daughter. Eek.