Friday, October 28, 2005

OK, somebody - anybody - send me a sane man.

Like many black women professionals living in the Big Apple, our girly (b.k.a. moi) is also having a tough time digesting the sweet yet sour realities of dating/mating in NYC. So, just like many other black women professionals in the Big Apple, I too decided to taste-test the latest flavor of dating via a 30-day access pass to an online service.

After cruising 34 pages of college-educated black "men" (I'll let you be the judge), all I found was the likes of dude featured above, username Riley Cox ( (hmph, wonder where he got the name 'cox?'), and other odd "matches" with even funnier usernames, including Givingupthegame, Buff8888 and CLK430benz.

If you think the usernames lacked good taste and a positive associations, I won't even smack you with the actual text of their profiles....