Thursday, November 10, 2005

Attack of the Workplace 'Blob'

Yeah, the blog is supposedly now 'bi-daily' but I felt like writing this morning. So there:-P

On the way back from the office pantry, where I acquired a bland cup of Joe and some fried, stale mystery pastry-thingy, I bumped into 'Renzo,' the receptionist. In a very android-worker sort of way, I proceeded with the typical 'hi - how are's it any plans for the holiday..." line of questioning, yet, for some reason still unknown to me, attempted to break free of the Miss Roboto thing. With that said, I dared to ask him something real and inquired as to how things have been going for him following the departure of his reception partner-in-crime (coworker for those of you still waiting to have your morning cup).

"Fine," said RR.

"Are you lonely out there now," said Me.

"Um. No," he said.

"Oh...okay...I guess that makes sense," said me.

It's official. I've become one of those killa-Beckies who seem to think that everything at work must be done in pairs, groups, frats or however else you prefer to classify the blob. You remember the blob, right? It’s that slimy, sticky thing that goos people to death by sucking them in and never letting go. Yeah, it's pretty much like that thing called working on teams/teamwork/cohorts/colleagues, etc.

How did I get to this point? I can remember being one of a few workers (read Negra) who valued solitude during business hours even before "teamwork" became the cult du jour. I personally don't get what's up with people and the constant need to be "grouped," anyways. As if I need a witness, ahem, coworker right on top of me EVERY MOMENT OF THE DAY, corroborating the dirty lil' rumor that I like to surf the Net, write books, blog and shop all day long.