Thursday, December 15, 2005

Apprentice season finale is tonight

The Apprentice Season finale featuring the brotha with 5 gazillion (okay, really just five) degrees and the ultra smart youngin' Becky from my old urrrea, Moneyapolis/St. Paid, airs tonight on NBC. While former seasons have lacked in terms of loser-like contestants, tonight's two-hour season finale equally pairs the finalist, whose match up delivers a sheer battle only rivaled by the likes of David & Goliath, Ike & Tina or Bobby Brown & Tyrone.

I won't lie...while I want to pull for the black man, bit the girl is pretty fierce AND she's from my hometown! Here's a little bit on both of them...

Randal, 34, is the founder, president and CEO of his fifth venture "BCT Partners," a multi-million dollar management, technology and policy consulting firm...that works with corporations, government agencies, philanthropic and nonprofit organizations....he holds five academic degrees in engineering, business and technology... an M.S. from the University of Oxford in England as a Rhodes Scholar, and an M.S., M.B.A. and Ph.D. from MIT...he has received numerous awards for his accomplishments as an entrepreneur and technologist...Randal has been featured by Black Enterprise magazine and Ebony magazine in their "30 Leaders of the Future" issue. He is a proud member of First Baptist Church in Somerset, N.J., where he resides and is happily married to his wife Zahara (she's black ya'll!!!!!).

Rebecca, 23, was named "One of 20 Teens Who Will Change the World" by Teen People magazine and was awarded a Point of Light by President Clinton. She graduated with honors from the University of Chicago, earning degrees in economics and pre-law. As a Chicago-based investment banker, she structured mergers and acquisitions, as well as equity and debt transactions. Prior to that, she traded short-term interest rate options on Citigroup's foreign exchange desk in London. Outside of business, Rebecca founded a non-profit organization, raising over $750,000 to support disenfranchised children. In conjunction with this effort, she lobbied state and federal government officials, speaking at a wide range of national conferences and sharing the stage with Al Gore and Colin Powell, among others. She also reported on-air, wrote and helped produce hard news, features, and entertainment segments for a weekly show on an NBC affiliate in her hometown of Minneapolis. She is currently a financial journalist in Chicago.

I am so amped about both of their qualifications that I want to say may the best person win, but ya'll know I gotta route for the fellow darkie!



Supa said...

As I was reading Randall's bio, I was like "I bet he with a white girl." And then you listed that he's got a real Queen! GO RANDALL!!!!!

hope ya feelin' better today i heard it's COLD out yonder (my bro lives Uptown..)

Cocoa Girl said...

I know, right!!!! I am feeling better cuz I got some drugs from my doc!

Anonymous said...

Well lets think about the track record of the show: A white woman has won, a black man has not. 1 point for Randall. He's got, what's that number, 5 gazillion degrees while she only has two. 2 pts for R. She's been an on-air reporter. Hmm, sounds like too much potential to be a breakout star. Trump is the only star of this show. I haven't watched the show, who's duller – personality only works on Top Model and Project Runway. 3 pts for R. She's really young, he's not as young as she is. 4 pts for R. The chance to prove me wrong.... 100 pts for R, Rebecca that is.

Anonymous said...

BTW [re: OMG...I'm, like, SO in!!!], it's your one week anniversary as a White girl? are you still "IN"? how's life treating ya? ya liking it? have you gotten any dates?