Friday, December 30, 2005

Back on the job & saving the black race...

...or, at least, future generations of my family!

After nearly one week of doing absolutely nothing, I am back at work doing (you guessed it) absolutely nothing. Today is a half day of sorts, which means that we are free to leave at 2p. Mind you, my day starts at 8 and ends at 5 anyway (yeah, you do the math...perhaps you can get it to add up). While I am back in the rat race called NYC and sleepy as ever, I am so glad that I took the trip. Our family's newest little rugrats were to die for, although I did experience great difficulty when trying to figure out how to pronounce their names. Hell, even their very own grandmother commented to me via telephone that she was planning to spend two weeks with X, X, and "whatever that little girl's name is...."

The latter was the only incentive I needed to toss on my superwoman cape and rescue the littles from a lifetime of Mickey D's checkout lines. That's why I have assigned each of them their very own Buppie Moniker....

Rugrat #1: Birth Name: Nivea (pronounced 'na-vay-ah')
Buppie Moniker: "Nev." Think Nev Campbell or some other cool and spunky woman who wasn't named after a bottle of lotion nor a failing R&B hopeful.

Rugrat #2: Birth Name: D'Arius ('dee-air-re-us')
Buppie Monkier: Just in case you were wondering, no, "Dee" does not work, as it is not an appropriate nickname for the cubicle world. I instead choose "Dar" (rhymes with "Gare" - as in short for Gary). It might sound gay, but gay men are supposedly the most-successful cubicle world workers. So, go figure!

Rugrat #3: Birth Name: Ta'Rya ('tah-rye-ah," a ghetto mommy/daddy collabo of 'toyia' and 'ryan')
Buppie Moniker: Ri (ree). Nuff said. I prematurely breathed a sigh of relief as I first thought girly was named "to-rye-ah," spelled 'Toriah,' which would have allowed her to go J.A.P. on paper (Toriah Alexander). Little did I know, the wound cut much deeper.

Rugrat #4: Tamaria ('tah-mar-ree-ah')
Buppie Moniker: Tam. Why her momma couldn't have just left off the 'i' eludes me to this day. Just difficult if ya ask me. I really should not complain too much about the birthname, considering Lil' Mari was originally to be named 'Cyntanakala' (pronounced 'sin-tah-nah-kay-la'), a down south collabo representing the women of her family...Cynthia, Toyia, Nzinga and Karla.

Rugrat #5: Senja (rhymes with Kenya)
Buppie Moniker: Susie. Negra or not, this little Cocoa's fam lives waaay out in the burbs. So, she can pass for a Susie quite easily. Besides, do you have a better idea??????

And, for the record, there ARE babies in my fam with normal, ahem, average-sounding names...C.J. (not as in Casanova, but Carlton), Sydney (though her can not spell it to save her life) and Julian.