Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Cocoa Girl...on her mama's couch: Part 1

So, today will mark the very first installment of the "Cocoa Girl On Vacation" series, featuring scenes from Minnesota and, more specifically, mom-duke's sofa. While I would like to act as though I've been hella active since vaca day #1, I - simply put - have not. Some of us just aren't as Supa duper as others (major hateration intended;-).

Since I workout four to five times per week, I've been sure to keep physical fitness top of mind during this gluttonous holiday season. That's why some of my most energy-expending movements so far have included daily baths (no, not showers...baths! MD needs to get her shower fixed); post-Christmas shopping at the Mall of America (it's real big, which equals more mileage for the behind), and chasing tons of babies around the homes...eight in total.

It's been a real good time, thus far. I'm just hoping that I can keep up with real life once I get back to New York. See ya tomorrow...indolence is a calling...



Supa said...

Cocoa girl, you slay me! Nice sly shout out, appreciate it! lol! Sounds like you're living the life over there on ya mom's couch. Is that complaining I detect...????

PS - Aren't you COLD????

PPS - I would lose my mind in the Mall of America. Can you go to sleep there?

Cocoa Girl said...

Yes, I slayed with love. I was just sooo damn lazy on my vaca. Didn't even want to hit the after Xmas sales. And, yes, Moneyapolis was cold and, no, you can't sleep in the M.O.A. LOL.

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