Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The Don and His N!gga, Remy Ran

Unless you've been under a rock, preoccupied with holiday shopping or plagued by weeklong fears of losing your paycheck due to a lack of public transportation, you know the smart n!g with the crazy number of academic degrees won the title of Apprentice #4. Yet, perhaps what you didn't know is that the 2nd-place snowflake from Minnesota is throwing a b!tch fit over the fact that Randal refused to let the hoe mammyback her way into the Big House, aka Trump towers, with him.

During last Thursday's Apprentice finale, The Don asked 1st-place Randal if he should also hire the runner-up, to which Randal replied, "...it's not called the Apprenti," a.k.a "hell to the naw!" Now, killa Becky has been crying wherever those with too much sympathy AND time on their hands would lend an ear; The Don's been giving daps to Remy Ran and his boldness to shut her a$$ down on national TV (you know Dat N!gga DT is really street!), and White America (along with Fair America, Be Friends America and Everyone's a Winner! America) has been up in arms over what they call Randal's "meanness," "lack of class" and "poor display of sportmanship..."

To all I say: B!tches, please.

What successful adult with an ounce of sense would hire their toughest competitor to work side by side with them on the new job? I'd hope that any person - white, brown, yellow and especially black - wouldn't lose their cotton-pickin' mind and say “yes” to such an absurdity. And why should they be expected to do such…just for the purpose of appearing to be fair and equal? Hell, black folk are not the ones who need to appear to be fair in efforts to help make up for former our ancestors' overwhelming lack of systematic unfairness. What perplexes-me-so-much-but-not-really is how all of these former Randal supporters are now playing up his "class act" performance during the competition only because doing so helps further demonize his final words - as if to say that they were Bamboozled into thinking he actually deserved the title.

I'd like a camera to follow all of these complaining, middle-America fat a$$es onto the job each review period and see if they're telling their bosses how they'd like to share their new title, pay increase and hard-earned status with the Killa-Becky in the cubicle next door.

It makes me wonder if the winner would have been someone other than a brown man - for instance, if the #1 would have been white and the loser white - if these complainers would have felt the same way... waiting for a Kizzy-like demonstration of enormous gratitude and grace and thankfulness for something they have already earned and is now rightfully theirs. We all (including Randal?) watched the better-qualified Kwame lose the job because his punk a$$ failed to put the managerial smack down on Homorosa. I don’t think Randal was having it and I don’t think Trump would have tolerated it either. The whole screwy thing seemed like a set up to me. I actually believe had Randal said yes to Trump’s request that his a$$ would have been without a job and Becky would have been the new hire. One thing is for sure: Trump does not pity the likes of whiners, wimps or fools.

On a final note: since America keeps telling the so-called underprivileged classes to step up to the plate and earn our keep, then perhaps the nation should stop developing hurt feelings when we work for the prize, earn it, claim it and then act as though it is rightfully ours, too.



Hetairai said...

toughest competitor? I saw ONE eppy when she was supposedly team leader and Randal still had to SAVE her ass. I wouldn't hire her either.

Supa said...

Well said, Cocoa Girl!! SO glad Randal isn't on some "shuckin-n-jivin'-aw-damn-I-done-made-massa-mad-now-what-Ize-gon'-do" type shyt. Speaking of which, Randal, Becky, & Trump were on Larry King last night. Had to flip the channel, that mess had me so burnt. Ahhh, fuck 'em. They can't STAND IT!!!!!!!!!

Cocoa Girl said...

I know...it's like he can't have his own damn spotlight...doing the touring circuit with Trump, her and him. Puleez. Such garbage.

Tiffanie said...

Girl you telling the truth. Donald did not ask the other (white) winners to share the spotlight so why does the Black man have to share the spotlight with that white girl. People need to stop hating on Randal, he was just keeping it real. Competition is not nice and white folks always think Black folks have to bow down to them, but Randal was like "Nooo Bitch". Good for him!!!

Cocoa Girl said...


solitaire said...

Sis I agree with you on the Apprentice tip!!

I'm a huge fan but I haven't unleashed my fury just yet. Folks at televisionwithoutpity.com are a bunch of folks. They used to be classy people but since brotherman won, we could tell who the crakkas were.

Anyway sis I'm glad I found your blog (via my girl Fresh!) and will bookmark.
God bless and keep on fighting the good fight!!

Anonymous said...

Very well written. There are a bunch of folks complaining on TVGasm.com about how "classless" Randall was. WTF?! Blacks are always accused of being unqualified and unwilling to compete. However, when a smart brotha steps to them on their own level, so-called fair-minded, "i love black people" liberals show their true colors. Randall was picked because he is a winner, and Donald loves competitors. The funny thing is Donald trump would have done the same thing.

Cocoa Girl said...

Couldn't agree with you more. These closet racists often daylight as raging liberals. However, if you look closely enough, then you see that these folk (just like other subdued racists) are okay with negras having a piece of the pie - just as long as we stay eating it out of their hands. At the end of the day, Randal shut them down with their own game and they're pissed.

We might as well start calling all them "good massa" viewers 'Captain Save a Bro,' cuz their a$$es clearly need to feel a little more appreciation than the average Joe.


Anonymous said...

Yes, here, here. Well said, Cocoa Girl!! And well-played Randall. Truth-be-told, I thought it was one more test from The Donald. If he had said yes, sure, hire her, Donald may have said, perhaps you're right, your fired, white girl YOU'RE HIRED. You know how he likes to suprise viewers by (eg) firing four people at one time and making them all ride in the same cab. Four grown-arse adults in the back of a cab. DAG!

Although the object of this "game show" is to "win a job" in corporate America (the only way, right) the spotlight sharing reminds me of another popular "reality game show" — American Idol. The Howdy Doody-looking Clay Aiken was on the cover of "Rolling Stone" weeks before the winner, THE WINNER, Big & Black Ruben Studdard. WTF.

Anonymous said...

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