Monday, December 19, 2005

Feliz cumpleanos a mi...

That's is my birthday! I've been up since about 4a, which was totally unplanned. I was going to rise at 5 and head to the gym, but instead decided to write in my prayer journal, pray and read my bible. Next, I completed a circuit training of sorts leg routine in my apartment, spliced with rest periods doubling as ensemble selections for this evening's events. Think: high-paid, Chanel-clad ho working the lounge at the Ritz.

Well, I'm off some work to do and coffee to find...Perhaps, I'll be back on following my free cake celebration with the Company. Gee...who doesn't love enjoying one of their most-favorite treats in front of a some of their most-(un)favorite people?? Pray for me that I don't choke on a plug of chocolate mousse... R.