Friday, December 09, 2005

A holidazzle of a hangover

Judging by the fact that I just devoured ham & cheese atop the gross office blockegg sandwiched between two flats of refined flour so low-quality that a Kaiser roll could have justifiably shat on its presence, one could easily conclude that this little Cocoa had a rough night.

I should have known that rough waters lay ahead because, at only half past noon, visions of bottomless apple martinis, Chardonnay and free gourmet meals had already begun a Riverdance of sorts in my head. So, when my two-woman entourage (half of which has still not made it into the office) stepped onto the party scene last night it was on. Rather, it was as "on" as a black girl (oh, that's right...I'm now White...get back to that one soon!) in the finance world should get at a work function.

So, I drank, then found some food. Drank, then found another drank. Drank, then found some more drankers and had some more (you guessed it) drank, and so forth, with this pattern of debauchery spiraling out of control for roughly the next five hours. Since I could not digest another drank (read: office tab expired), nor my bosses’ insistence that I rush the “fine a$$ bouncer” and “get me some of that," I decide that it was perhaps time to go home. That is, until, my boss (yes, the aforementioned) insisted that I tag along for some more fun at location #2.

The wardrobe change, raised voices and suppressed Long Island accents fighting to regain their place should have been warning enough that this little Cocoa was in way over her head and that it was time to haul a$$ back to Harlem. Even more so, the mere mention of the terms “40/40” and “25th birthday party” should have done the trick alone. However, I guess I had to find out the hard way that enough is enough, which could explain why I happened to be in one of the most famous clubs on earth asleep with a red pea coat draped over my head.

I eventually made it home at 2 and arrived to work at 9 (only one hour late!!!). I must say, however, that my first workplace party as a White girl was big fun! I was quickly included on most conversations that I joined and actually got to toss back several rounds of Patron with some folk whom I had no business finding out so much about their business (can we say ‘class action' and 'EEOC’ - ?)...

Oh well. Back to work as usual…TTFN