Sunday, December 04, 2005

I made it one year, so where's my Boone's Farm?

Last Tuesday, November 29th, marked my one-year anniversary at work, an "event" that came and went with little - if any - hoopla, dazzle, fireworks, or (in the spirit of supreme hateration) - DJs, bottomless vintage, revelry and highfalutin appetizers. But, you see, I'm not mad, because although my anniversary was a non-event (my own mom even forgot to congrats me for making it 365 days, sans firing and/or hate mail threats), I did have the opportunity to help two former cubicle-Cocoas-turned-entrepreneurs celebrate the one-year anniversary of their new businesses, a.k.a. their new jobs. Heck, I even had the chance to hob knob, rub some elbows and look good. Though I must admit that the latter wasn't all that unique to (or of) me:)

The recent celebrations that helped spawn the return of my "Do as I say, NOW; I'm running this got-damned show!" business-owner dreams were the one-year anniversary of Harlem Vintage, half-Negroed by a sweet nice Cocoa named Jai Jai (and a nice, big and "skrong" specimen of a man, who from here on out will officially be known as my baby's daddy) and Patrice Clayton's spot The Harlem Tea Room, both of which, of course, are located in the Vil of Harlem. Even better and more inspirational to me is the fact that both of these lovely Cocoas (and the husky & tantalizing M.B.D.) previously 8-5'd in the stodgy investment bank environment, like moi, and made the choice to pursue more rewarding, creative and challenging work ventures, like moi, too!

I'm proud to applaud these black women professionals because they are doing quite well for themselves! The Vintage has been featured in nearly every "who's who" editorial section, from The NYT to Black Enterprise to the Wall Street Journal, while the Tearoom has recently made one of its biggest splashes in O mag's November 2005 issue.

So, while this textbook O.C. usually takes time to talk about me, I thought I could take the time to give props to a few more hardworking Cocoas. Besides, if dude is going to be my future baby's daddy, I figured that I thought better start introducing him to my Cocoa world family now...



Supa said...

Ya takin' me back with the Boone's Farm reference. LMAO!! Cool blog. And you're about the only person I've run across who loves the flic "What About Bob."
Right, right!

Supa Sister

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