Thursday, December 08, 2005

OMG...I'm, like, SO in!!!

It's official. I am now White!!!! I've been waiting for this day to come for so long that I am almost ready to shed a tear...matter of fact, I am sniffling as I type.
Five years, people, five years of toiling away to the tune of 40-plus hour work weeks absolutely devoid of any ethnic support, workplace diversity, fried-chicken lunches and the Old School Hour of Power every day at noon. That's right...I've made it/crossed-over/sold out for the almighty paycheck... What the hell happened, you say? I am much too excited to get into details now, but it goes it little something like this...

White girl @ work (who never speaks, mind you): Rachel - have you been ice skating in Bryant Park?

Me: No, but I've been skating in Central Park...

White girl @work: REALLY??? Say, did I show you my new coat? Feel it? I am so excited because I got it at.... Oh, and did you ever make it back to the Theory sample sale? What did you buy? Oh Rachel, you always have so many nice always look great...

It's almost like I've been bestowed with a secret, invisible cape that renders me Caucasian with one flip over the shoulders. Matter of fact, I can't wait for the first opportunity to sport this brand-new find of a garment and plan on styling in that bad boy as much as I can. I know...I'll give it a go at our Firm's holiday party tonight!

I can just see me now.... Striding in the door and instantly being snatched up by at least five guys (four of which might be of my former race), complimenting me on everything under the sun. I'll breeze right up to my bosses and all of my other colleagues and won't be met with that uncomfortable 10-second pause until someone decides it's ok to fill me in on the conversation. And, the most joyous thought of them all, is that I won't be begged or - if coming from boss man - coerced onto the dance floor to bust a move to It Takes Two. *sigh*

The possiblities are now endless, mi friends. Endless! I'll be back tomorrow with the full recap on tonight's events aka my first new night as a White Woman!!!!



Supa said...

You sure are crazy Cocoa Girl! With your white self.


Anonymous said...

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