Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Sambo has left the Building

Since when did it become okay for black people to look angry at work? I hate to sound all Aunty Thomasina, but the last time I checked, mean-looking coloreds are still scaring some of the most-ignant Asian, Arab, White - and even - White Choco-coated Buppy coworkers nationwide.

So, WTF! gives with the smoldering, glowering or just plain threatening angry black rapper (apologies for the redundancy here) look? It's apparently the new HOT sh!t for the millennium, as I have now witnessed it in nearly every situation where a black person is featured a business or career-related environment.

The men are usually in signature B-boy mode with both arms folded across the body or flossing the one-arm-folded/one-arm-propped-up (with the fingers stroking the chin) wannabe Malcolm X joint. Their faces portray the classic "N!gga, you don't know me" or the fiesty "Your portfolio might be large, but it's not as big as one of my b@lls, and I'll stick knock your a$$ out" smirk, which somehow never seems to fully work alongside a crisp, white button up and a boardroom full of white middle-aged men.

As for the women? Those heifers just look angry, pissed, seething, and ready to open a can of Whoop A$$ on somebody. Don't believe me? Glance over any promo shot of a black female contestant from either of the Apprentice runs and I guarantee you that ain't naw one of them smiling.



Supa said...

"ya know it's hard out here for a pimp..." LOL

Cocoa Girl-
i don screw face quite often at the office. now that i got that big promotion i act like i don't give a damn. ha!

Cocoa Girl said...

LOL!!! I just recognized the Game long time ago and started acting how errbody else acts.

Nobody likes to do the stuff, but where paychecks and promotions are concerned, acting is VERY necessary.


Anonymous said...

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