Friday, December 02, 2005

These PITAs are getting stale

Thank God, dear lord, of all heaven and earth that this work week is over. I know I just posted about being thankful for having a job - pain in the a$$ places of employment in all - but I'm already back to my giving praises for a paycheck, yet ready to smackdown a ho-b*tch over the trifeness that ensues life on my cubicle farm every day.

The H.B. in question today is a P.I.T.A. (pain in the a$$) that I could easily chew and up spit the farg out. I am so tired of this jerk acting all holier than thou and while simultaneously trying to 'massa' me around like we're on somebody's plantation that I don't know what to do. Better phrased, I don't know what non-ghetto and non-Black to do, cuz as a black woman - paychecks, promotions or not - I really do know what to do, if you catch my drift! Ok, I'll pull the black back in now...

I am just beyond annoyed at his antics, e.g.... I'll send five email updates. He reads one and then sends me one big email (displaying the little red exclamation point for effect), reminding me that I still need to follow up with him on the other for items. I book his international flight at 930p (per his request), but now he needs to leave at 1030p (per his pimp's, ahem, wife's request). He doesn't want to answer his damn phone when it rings, but then wants to get huffy with me because I record a message and hang up, as if his indolent-a$$ were never present to begin with. Ho please.

Now, granted, the last time I checked, my title did read "Senior Secretary" (yes, very pre-Ms mag/bell hooks), but I think I am entitled to a little bit of respect in the office. Ya think?