Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Am I getting lazy...

...and forgetting what it feels like to work? Although I've now been with my current employer for more than one year (still never received my bottle of Strawberry Hill), I confidently can surmise that I've only spent about 50 percent of said time working. By working, I mean actually performing a task listed within the 100 bullet points of items better known as my job description. Not that I am lazy or a rogue employee with my own agenda, it is just that my job doesn't require a ton of responsibility - all the time - nor doe it require the Chicken Little-ing of so many other overrated titles.

Nope, I guess that I'm just a bit like a rogue employee with my own agenda... You see, I would never ever truly complain about my lack of daily to-do's, as I happily accepted this gig b/c of its standard hours (with O.T. only if requested). It’s easy assignments cleared the way - and my mind - for me to pursue new career avenues, which over the past year happens to have been starting/finishing my manuscript; completing the nearly suicide-inducing book proposal (for real!); getting an agent, and selling my first book. So far, I'm 3 (well, more like 2.75) for 4. Not bad. My manuscript isn't totally done (the source of the one-quarter point deduction), yet my agent is fi-ERCE (somewhere, G'Al Reynolds just snapped two fingers in a circle) and she is working some major voo-doo on my behalf – partially finished manuscript, new writer status in all! She told that an editor at one of the major houses once commented that she is "like the Suge Knight of the publishing industry."

I sleep quite well at night, thank you very much.

I guess I’m just whining because I feel left out and cannot really remember what it feels like to run around with a marathon-length To-Do list, feeling rather important for no damn reason at all. Many might think I am crazy for somewhat missing that b!tch-on-wheels worklife, but cracking a whip was always so much fun to me. Now, I only get to do so in a "No! You do not need - and will not get - another Blackberry..." mama-of-a-million-dollar-baby (a.k.a. stock trader) sort of way. So, until my book is sold and/or I figure out career #2, then this is pretty much it.



Anonymous said...

Uh, uh.... G'al Reynolds. That's cold. Funny but cold. But, yeah, I LOLed.

African girl, American world said...

glad I found you - will check you out fully tonite!

Writers unite!

mrs.tj said...

I know that is right! I actually was going to keep this job for the less stress and ability to write a novel. I guess we will see!

Supa said...

Posted a comment to this post earlier, but Blogger ATE it!

Anyway - work your plan & keep cracking at that manuscript, CG! Your FIERCE literary life awaits! :)

that fat kitty pic is too cute!

Cocoa Girl said...

Thanks, Supa! Blogger can be is one hungry b!tch at times! LOL

Bougie Black Boy said...

wait a minute!
you're in harlem? I'm in the bronx. . . good to see another local.

that-one-girl said...

Thank you so much for stopping by and linking (I'll return the favor)!

Florida is becoming mini-NY (with the rent getting higher and everything turning into a condo), so I completely feel you on the cable thing.

Yeah, unfortunately a lot of black people think that if they're lighter, have "good" hair or a tiny nose then they're more attractive than the next black person. Very sad.

I'm in school right now, but I was working awhile ago and I know what it's like working somewhere and wanting to be some place else. But hey, you gotta pay the bills.

That is the cutest picture I've seen in a long time by they way.

Cocoa Girl said...

Stephen - I am in Harlemworld! Nice to meet ya!

TOG - I love that pic, too. I'm sure the original founder of PETA is somewhere turning over in the proverbial grave or plotted my demise...LOL