Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Paranoia, The 4th 'P' of Success...

...or at least to keeping a job!

I know there are those Cocoa cubicle-nazis out there who just gawked at my new version of the P's like it's hella ridiculous, kind of like an atomically gay man masquerading as an oh-so mediocre former chubby chick's husband. But, I contend that my stuff is not THAT ridiculous! No, I am just a little on edge about this whole mysterious-blogger-but-not-really thing that I’ve been doing from somewhere other than my home; somewhere I go to every day (at least Monday-Friday). It’s vast, boring, full of Caucasians and contains lots and lots and lots of computers, pale dirty-looking-but-clean-looking carpet and … Okay, okay, so you got the “hint,” but I already informed you that I am seriously paranoid!

Recent dreams, new and old conversations and evil eyes from some folk in charge, whom out of fear for my P-Touch's safety, shall remain nameless, have collectively led to this little blogger’s anxious state of mind. Hell, they already took down Mwabi, da Supa Sis and word has it that they moved in on girly like The Eraser. She was blogging from work one day and - BAM! – the next morning all she had left was a ransom note with an insane demand. Okay, it didn’t really happen like this, but the ish sound fabulous nonetheless;-)

So, why in the flip do I keep going on and on about this madness? Well, just so you now know that I am officially under cover (literally – it’s damn cold outside) and bloggin’ from home here on out. Cool?


So, back to my dream… Lately, I’ve been dreaming a lot and eating way too much (of the wrong kind of food, mind you). I've dreamt two quasi-scary dreams two nights in a row this week, which is quasi odd because I have never been the dreaming type. These visions were even more strange because they shadowed real feelings, fears and thoughts that I experience on a daily basis. For instance, Sunday’s dream focused on my obsessive bloggin’ from “that place” outside of my home and climaxed (hehehe…I always giggle when I read that word…) with a certain individual demanding that I never post from “that place” again, or else my paycheck would be pushing up daisies. The next night I dreamt that I received a call from some weirdo at my lit agent’s company, stating that my rep had bounced and he was my new representative! Now, the other dream threatened my dollars and didn’t even make me bat an eyelash, but this one seemed three times more horrific than Whitney in the morning! All I can remember thinking was “how in the hell is this dude going to pick up my project mid process and make a sell?!” Yet, I am still employed and still have my agent. So, all is good again in this little writer’s world.

Yet, even in good times and happy endings, craziness still runneth over. Today at work was one of the craziest days that I have experienced in quite some time. Why? For one, I actually had to do work and, for two, I actually didn’t get a chance to do much else outside of work. Damn, these employers can be soo frickin’ selfish at times! So, now, I am like, totally, backlogged in terms of my personal daily to-dos, e.g. ordering a new clock for the bathroom at home and researching a vacation package for some fun in the sun away from home.

Well, since I have never (*cough*) been the type to do things like blog from work, then I should have lots of time to handle personal stuff during normal business hours, right? Yeah. See ya tomorrow (night?).



Supa said...

U are so funny, CG! Well, I'm one to heed my dreams, so maybe you'll do good following your intuition in this case. And CG, I think it's time you invested in a laptop for yourself, so u can handle your biz and THEIR biz at work, simultaneously! You ARE a writer, you need your tools!

And they made you WORK today?? *gasp* The NERVE :)

Supa said...

PS - I was wondering what happened to your "daily post" earlier. :)

Do what's good for you, girl!

Cocoa Girl said...

I do have a laptop, but I work on a trading floor. Think miles of lunchroom tables circa '85 and six comptuer screens to each chair, vertically stacked.

They would be all UP in my business if girly had a LT on the 'desk.'


Supa said...

Gotcha, CG!!!

Supa said...

Hey Cocoa!! girl, your heart doesn't pump Kool Aid, go forth and get your blog on @ work!!

*will still be saying a prayer for you!* :)

Unruly Brown said...

Girl, let me tell you how paranoid I am!! I looked at my blog on my work PC one day, and then later I looked at my stats and it looked like someone in our other office 300 miles away had looked at my blog too! I was like AW-SHIT-GET-OUT-MY-BLOGGIN-BIZNESS!!! lol ... until I figured out that the T1 I was on was running from the network in that other office and that the person I saw looking at my blog was just me. I LMAO at my silly ass. hehehe Now I don't even pull it up at work. I bring my laptop to work, and I blog and surf other blogs on the laptop--NOT the work PC at all.


Cocoa Girl said...

Dayum! Ya'll are gettin' all Mission Impossible on a n!g. Yeah, I need to heed warning. After today I have to post from home before work (6a wake ups, here I come!) said...

All I can do is laugh!
I am still waiting for them to revise the policies at work to say no blogging! Until them...screw em! I don't get paid enough to care!

Unruly Brown said...

Okaaaaaayyyy Mrs TJ!! I would NOT be surprised if that's next! The policy would read:

"Blogging is prohibited to a reasonable extent, including but not limited to, writing, reading, surfing, commenting, linking, forwarding, or any other activity that could reasonably be perceived as blog-related."


Cocoa Girl said...

Hahahaha...Ya'll are crazy, but you DO know that it's only a matter of time before it's ova for many of us...