Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Tuesday's Tip

According to a survey by Vault.com, only 35 percent of workers regularly send thank you notes following an interview. The reasons anyone in their right mind would continue to partake in such nonsense continues to escape me, especially since we live in a Bush nation where spotting a decent job opp is 10 times less likely than coming across yet another celebrity Crackie on the telly. Yet, the trick is not just to send the suck-up note - you must do it right!

If only one-third of interview angels are making good on Mom-duke's sermons, then you too should yearn to be among this number. Think about it: just doing so further sets you apart from the remaining two thirds of the competition. Next, take this a step even further by skipping the typical "thank you" cards and instead opting for an artfully designed card with a blank inside. Scribe your words of appreciation on the inside flap and (of course!) include your business card. So, how is this idea better than the standard joint above???

Hiring managers receive TONS (I repeat: TONS) of standard thank you letters and cards each week, and I'd bet a pretty penny that they all look the same and, thereby, face the same fate (can anyone say, 'receptacle?'). But what vain, power tripping ruler of the world (aka H.R. rep) would toss a beautiful reprint of the Mona Lisa (though I personally think girly's none too cute) or a breathtaking landscape of snow or flowers (in season, of course!). Thing is, most people wouldn't toss it. Matter of fact, I'd bet they'd want it to decorate their desks versus the bottom of their waste baskets. Hey, human beings are vain creatures who just don't pass up an opportunity to make ourselves - or extensions of ourselves (in this case being the office) look more attractive.
So there you have it...with just a bit of effort (and a couple of dollars) you can leave a great impression of yourself for hiring managers to view every day. I find this method especially effective when cold writing/following up on job opps that don't yet exist!

A bit of warning: I am sure mother must have told you that common sense is always very necessary, the same bit applies here. Stay on the safe side of the P.C. fence and avoid cards with ethnic, religious and political connotations. Go for beauty and awe-inspiring prints instead. See examples below:

Good luck and God speed.



mrs.tj said...

Had an interview a couple of weeks ago. I think I might send them a thank you card TODAY! Thanks for the reminder. Now I just have to think of the appropriate thing to say: Ummm...thanks for the interview. I sweated out a prefectly good suit. You better give me the job, or the next letter you will be getting from me will be a dry cleaners bill. Oh Yeah! Holla at ya girl...you got me sitting here waiting for weeks trying figure out if I got the job or not! tj ;)


Supa said...

Great tip, Cocoa Girl! Thank you for keeping us on top of our "business etiquette" game!

So...sending a card emblazoned w/Malcolm X's photo on it is a no no, correct? lol :)

hey, where did you get those cards? i like them. love flowers.

Cocoa Girl said...

Um, NO!, SS! LOL

TJ - Tsk, tsk, tsk on your two weeks laspe! But it's nothing that can't be undone. While you didn't send the note in ideal timing (thank you's should be sent within 1-2 days), you can still send a card. Just position your note as a I'm following up/I'm still interested/thanks again for the opportunity/look forward to hearing from you bit. Good luck, girl!

Cocoa Girl said...

BTW, the cards can be found at www.designheadstudio.com, or in your local Hallmark store:)

Single Ma said...

Great tip Cocoa. I'll admit, I don't always send thank you cards after an interview. I need to do better.

And I like your nerve! How you gonna give 'professional' reminders with a tude (lol @ say thank you DAMMIT!!)? LMAO