Friday, March 31, 2006

The 1000th reason why men are...

easier/better/less-stressful to work with than women.

Exhibit A: Cocoa's morning's IM convo with another colleague...

Cocoa Girl: oh my's return of the navy blue skirt!!!! do you remember it...the one that was ALWAYS worn inappropriately!
Cocoa Girl: ...with black pumps; with white pumps; with a white dress shirt and cream pumps!

Cocoa Girl: Today it is paired with a cream-colored shirt, light gray (perhaps were once cream-colored) suede pumps and a black brocade jacket...
Coworker: sigh
Coworker: oh dear
Coworker: the fashion karma on that desk is not good. in related news, I saw the hippo this AM on my way in the bldg, said hi and then walked as quickly as I could, away...
Coworker: ...away
Coworker: ...away
Cocoa Girl: hahaha...she is such a moo-moo
Cocoa Girl: meaning cow
Cocoa Girl: and!
Cocoa Girl: what she probably should be wearing to accommodate that front end! LOL
Cocoa Girl: ok, i am going to be nice now, or, at least, I will cease being mean. but she is sooooo mean. yuck!
Coworker: sooooo mean
Coworker: as a friend would say, a biznatch
Cocoa Girl: hahaha... i can't understand why she is so bitter. she has a relatively nice looking husband; grew up with tons of money; has two ivy degrees; makes pretty good money, and has a lot of friends. so, what's there to be so d$mn mean about?
Cocoa Girl: oh, that's right! because she ain't cute!
Cocoa Girl: oops, I said i would stop
Cocoa Girl: ok, I am stopping

Yes, Cocoa is guilty as charged!

Now, don't get me wrong: I have always been a woman's woman, a girly-girl a heart who trade in her glam card for nada. Long story short, I have always LOVED being a woman, which probably is due to the sheer force of females in my family. With every new generation, us sistahs always manage to outnumber the brothas, big time. So, I kind of grew up accustomed to spending every waking moment, day and many hours with poor yet self-professed divas, love-torn psychotics, whores of the attention-seeking and fashionista variety, and insane drama queens fit to lead any top-rated soap "bopper."

So, what's the source of all my beef with the fishees (alter-gay-male persona's disdainful term for chicks) on the job?? There is something inside of us -probably not much unlike that thingy used by animals to sense hostilities in their co-animals - that can turn the most-minute work issue into a f*cking Officegate! Women on the job also have a tendency to take issues of the business matter more personally than men, which can account for tons of unnecessary stress and cattiness on the job. As if my black, struggling artist living in Manhattan arse needs to deal with any more of that in any area of my life...

So, what? Am I generalizing? Am I being unfair, or am I dead-on?

Cocoa wants to know: what's your workplace sexual preference?



Nichelle said...

Happy Friday Cocoa!

I think it may be the industry. I have never had any more problems with women than men at any place I've worked. I think it depends on the personality.

More and more, I am tuning negative people out anyway - don't have the time or the energy...

Single Ma said...

Cocoa you are so wrong on so many levels in that IM conversation! Why you call the girl a moo-moo? BAAAAA HAAAAA HAAAA

I don't have a preference either way. I've had good and bad experiences working with both men and women, but I don't like working for women. Seems like the dynamics completely change when a woman gets in a position of power. Male bosses are more pleasant to work for period. I already PMS 29 days a month, so two b!tches in one office is a recipe for disaster.

Cocoa Girl said...

Nichelle - I see where you're coming from, yet I still think men are easier to deal with - especially during times of drama.

SingleMa - I know. I need to stop talking about folk. I agree that dynamics do change (most times) when the boss is a woman!

Happy Friday!

T. Cas said...

I love working with women, they tell me everyting that's going down in the office. It's crazy b/c I'm cool with all the different factions of women at the office and I get to hear what they really think about each other from all different perspectives.

Also when working with men I have that issue of who's gonna be the alpha male. Every little thing is interpreted as an attempt to usurp their position.

i like liquor and tv said...

It's strange because I've always been cool with normal female and male coworkers and bosses. But the demo that I usually have a problem with is this new breed of metrosexual girly men.

Those seem to be the most catty b!tches in the world. I had one for a boss before. The dude was straight crazy. He used to try to play each of his employes against each other (long story)...I got up outta there quick. I made up some story about a sick family member and how I had to relocate to be near them. Whew that was close. Never again will I work for a dude with shiny lips.

Cocoa Girl said...

T.Cas - Totally understandable. I guess like working with men for the same reasons. I just find it easier to shake off tension with a man, BECAUSE problems with male coworkers don't generally reach the level of tension!

LQ and TV - LMBAO @ "Never again will I work for a dude with shiny lips."

You are SO crazy...

zillz aka tie granny up said...

hi. newcomer here! I like working with guys better, no brokeback. In my experience, guys seem to have less of a problem with doing some work that's not necessarily in the job description.

Knockout Zed said...

As a manager of a staff of 47, I can easily say dudes are easier. Shit rolls off their backs better. I've had women tearing up and shit if I just ask them to change the way they do something.


Not a hipster said...

Being a nursing assistant at a hospital, I prefer working with men. All the women on my unit can get really snarky and whiny. Nurses can get the idea that since I'm a NA, I'm their bitch. And they don't understand that I'm working with 6 other nurses as well that all want my help because they're just too damn lazy to do something for themself.

Men don't get like that. Male nurses only ask for our help when they really need it, not just because they don't feel like doing something.

I've been pulled into my supervisor's office for a "talk" with another nurse that got pissed I helped another nurse before I helped her. I helped a nurse restrain a patient, and the other nurse got mad I didn't change someone's sheets first.

Men just aren't bitchy like that.

dpm said...

I'd rather work with a bunch of brothas and a few women (of any color) sprinkled here and there.
As long as there are more brothas than anyone else, I'm good.
I achieved this environment once when I worked at UPS.
I really liked the atmosphere there. We could spit on the floor and talk shit. It was nothing. I Loved it!

I've worked with gay men beofor and I hated it! The dude had all these male pin-ups on his wall and he'd talk about the men he'd meet with the women in my office. I hated that shit too. I used to think if I did the same thing, I'd get fired for sexual harrasment.

I've worked with mostly women before too. But they're to organized. To accountable. They actually MAKE me work. I hate that too. BUt I do enjoy the scenary. Every office needs scenary.

Cocoa Girl said...

Zillz - "guys seem to have less of a problem with doing some work that's not necessarily in the job description." Ouch (head held low...)

Zed - "I've had women tearing up and shit if I just ask them to change the way they do something." Couldn't agree with you more...this has to be one of the most-annoying aspects of the chick race at work.

NAH - I've been pulled into my supervisor's office for a "talk..." Oops, I lied. This is actuallly the most-annoying aspect of working with women - BY FAR. Why was this talk not shot down before it ever happened??? It's not as though you turned her down to sit on your azz...

DPM - "Every office needs scenary." SO true, indeed. As a deprived woman in a stodgy investment bank full of blahs, I here ya.

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