Thursday, March 02, 2006

Diary of a Mad White Woman...


It appears that Little Monique from Mobile, Alabama is pissed. Does anyone have any words of advice for her? And, please, no Walmart OR Piggly Wiggly jokes...we here at Cocoa Girl on the Job are all about tolerance and acceptance. Also, please try to ignore her "ghetto" comment. We know how certains get when their feathers get a tad ruffled.

Now, no mud slinging in the comments box (sorry, Monique, again, no offense was intended)!

And remember: act like the college-educated, well-raised, literate, intelligent and confident Cocoas that you are...

Lil' Mo is upset because for some kind of interesting reasons. Her anger stems from one of my most-recent posts "You might be Black in Corporate America if..." Read through the comments below and offer girly some advice please...she just ain't listening to me!

Cocoa Girl says... You might be black in Corporate America if...

2. You instinctively listen for the faucet following a colleague of another persuasion's exit from the stall.

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Too funny!
I always be listening for the faucet, them fools don't EVA wash they hands. Ewww!
And I always try to be the first one in the line for food. There are some people you KNOW not to eat the food after they have touched it!

Posted by 11:59 AM EST

Yeah, for some reason, I've never been able to shake the faucet syndrome. LOL

Posted by Cocoa Girl 1:05 PM EST

nasty ass people not washing their hands prevents me from shaking hands and keeps me offering folks hand santizer on the regular!

Posted by Miss Ahmad 3:26 PM EST

Girl, you're too crazy! But are you being serious????

Posted by Cocoa Girl 3:56 PM EST

i am totally serious! I will turn down a handshake in a minute, and offer folks hand santizer on the rock steady!

I am a little bit of a germ freak!

Posted by Miss Ahmad 1:44 PM EST

Tsk, tsk, girl. Tsk, tsk. They must look at you like you're outta ur mind...

Posted by Anonymous 3:14 PM EST

LOL! CG, you hit it with this list! Especially #7. How about I just ignore yo azz cuz dat aint my dayum name!

People look at me funny in the bathroom cuz I wash my hands, then leave the water running til I get a paper towel to dry them. Then I use the same paper towel to turn the water off and open the door. One chic had the nerve to say I was wasteful because I let the water run and I used too many paper towels. My response...and? my eyes said much more.

And why dude keeps blowing his nose in the SAME hankie everyday and put it in his pocket. Then wants to hand me a file. Ugh!

Posted by SingleMom 3:24 PM EST

Ignoring people who shortened my name without my permission was my fave thing to do! I think whoever's running the sanitation department at my job is a negra, because we have automatic faucets and toilets. We now even have hand sanitzer stations right at the restroom door...both exits! Some germaphobe is handling thangs at Morgan. Believe dat! LOL

Posted by Cocoa Girl 8:51 PM EST

What, only white people skip washing their hands? I work in a hospital, and wash my hands after every bathroom visit, even using the paper towel to turn the faucet off. But don't tell me black people wash their hands all the time and white people hardly ever do. I see equal amounts of white AND black people not washing their hands. Get over yourself.

Posted by Monique 11:29 AM EST

Monique - to you I say: Bull crap. You'll never convince me of such.

Also, I think someone needs a sedative...ask some of those doctors who wash their hands to hook you up with a few depressants...and some Clorox towelettes.

Posted by Cocoa Girl 9:43 PM EST

Why do I need a sedative just because I say that even black people sometimes don't wash their hands? Sorry, but all black people ain't "classy" like yourself. Like I said: get over yourself.

If someone posted something about how "you might be WHITE in corporate America if...," you would be screaming racism.

A LOT of people are sick of this crap.

Posted by Monique 7:37 PM EST

Um, Monique, don't know if you noticed but this is an African American blog.

Also, apparently you need to get over yourself. Why is it that you think black folk like myself care what you think??

Last thing, please ask yourself why you read 'white' into the comment about the hands. I don't recall saying it...

Hmm...looks to me like someone has a few issues. So, I now will ask you again to get over yourself and find a blog that matches your needs.

Posted by Cocoa Girl 9:29 PM EST

And this is what I'm talking about. If someone told you, "this is a white blog," you'd be screaming KKK or something of the like.

Mrs.TJ said, "them fools don't EVA wash they hands." Yeah, I'm sure she wasn't talking about us "vanilla" folk.

Then you start going off about "Why is it that you think black folk like myself care what you think??"

When I say people are sick of this crap, that's exactly what I'm talking about.

And you can call me rascist all you want, but that won't make it true. I just don't get why if I had a blog and told a black person to go somewhere else because it's a "white" blog, I can only imagine the chaos that would ensue, but black people can tell white people that. You want to talk about racism? Look in your own ghetto mirror.

Posted by Monique 10:07 PM EST

Uh-oh..."Diary of A Mad White Woman"...LOL

Sweetie, since you're now the representative and delegate for the entire white race, can you tell me why ya'll are so angry? Also, why is it that every time race comes up and a white person gets mad, you start to sling insults ("look in your own ghetto mirror"). Puleez. I think it's beyond obvious that I've never spent time in anyone's 'ghetto' perhaps you could lend me YOUR mirror?

I am not going to waste time arguing with your angry self. Go on one of those Aryan Nation boards if you do not like what you read here. Otherwise, you'll just write your comments in vain, because I will start deleting your ass. I don't tolerate classism or discrimination on my site and your cowardly comment crossed the line.

You can have an opinion, but you didn't have to go there with the 'ghetto' bit. Is that all you got? How pathetic.

Posted by Cocoa Girl 11:18 PM EST

I never said I was representing the "entire white race." And about the ghetto remark, I shouldn't have said it.

I am angry, though, at the fact that you state you don't tolerate classism or discrimination, but you yourself said this is an african american blog.

You may not believe me, but I don't look down on the african american race. I do, however, have a disdain for people who claim to be classy, then say things like, holla, on the regular, on the rock steady, and "yo azz cuz dat aint my dayum name."

The only people I know that talk like that are the ones that don't have an education.

Don't worry about me, because I won't waste my time coming to a blog of a classless, uppity woman.

Posted by Monique the "mad white woman" 12:19 AM EST

Any words for Lil' Mo? I think an affirmative action anger management group could be the way to go. She seems like one of those to moi...



Single Ma said...

Aww Monique, did we offend you? Guess what boo boo? I don't think any of us care! LOL

For the record, the way a person speaks when they're in a comfortable environment does not equate to education, class, or lack there of. If you didn't know, perhaps I can help you. It's called versatility...something you're obviously not familiar with.

I must say that I appreciate you apologizing for the 'ghetto' comment. I can respect a woman who realizes her mistakes and try to rectify them. However, in defense of my Cocoa sista, you still deserve a tongue lashing! LOL

Nowhere, I mean NOWHERE, in her original post did she imply that "black people wash their hands all the time and white people hardly ever do." In fact, she didn't even say WHITE PEOPLE at all. For your reading pleasure, I'll interpret her post using the "classy and educated" jargon that you prefer.

Her post, "You might be black in Corporate America if..." listed some of the most common things that we as black people encounter in the workplace. Whether someone is mis-pronouncing your name, that special coworker who doesn't carry their weight, or being passed over for a promotion. In either case, it's a pet peeve we could all relate to. I'm sure you could compile a list of things that you consider irritable as well. In fact, her post was no different than Jeff Foxworthy's "You Might Be A Redneck if...," laced with racism but appealed to a specific group of people and the world called it comedy.

No offense to you (or anyone else), but I thought her post and her comment box was and still is [switching back to my uneducated self] hella funny!

Educated and classy Black Girl from the ghetto :-)

The Sarccastik Variable Why said...

WTF?!?!? so she has a problem with your personal blog...lawd jeezus...gets some johnson in your life wat SM said...i'm bilingual girl (meaning i can talk professionally and unprofessionally)...i smell jealousy...keep doing your thang CG..

Supa said...

whooo! Thanks for my morning entertainment, CG..


Ditto what Single Mom said. Bout to head over to Crunk and Disorderly for some REAL pettiness. ha haaa haa!

Angry White Woman: Thanks for your opinions. It really isn't that serious. Just keep washing those hands, sweetie.

Monique said...

Singlemom, I appreciate your thoughts. I will admit that I did not even consider your point of how somebody may talk differently in a comfortable environment. I understand that.

You said that she never mentioned white people, and I agree that she did not say white, but then who was she talking about? That's what offended me. Yes, Jeff Foxworthy's comedy is funny to some people, but I am not one of them.

I may just be a 29 year old white woman, but I will freely admit when I am wrong. I misjudged about the way some people were talking.

However, I stand by my point that if someone posted something about being white in corporate America, many African American people would be highly offended, citing racism.

Single Ma said...

Maybe, maybe not. We're all entitled to an opinion. Don't worry about what other people think of your blog, just do you boo.

HAHAHA, I dare you to do a post about being white in corporate america. I can't speak for all, but I won't cite racism. If ya funny, then dammit I'ma laugh.

Single Ma said...

But if ya not, them I'ma check you. LOL

Me said...

Ok this stuff is too funny -

One thing you have to understand Monique is it ? is this..

Black people do not intentionally divide themselves from other races. We have been forced to do this. As a white woman you will never understand this..

and as far as you taking offence sweetie..come on another blog if you dont like what the sista has to say.

You say that if someone wrote that this was a white blog people would make a big tiff about it..uh yeah sure.. ! cause for decades "white power" was used to suppress people.

Has "black power" ever been used to suppress anyone ? I dont think so..the only thing it has been used to do is empower and unite blacks. Blacks and whites will NEVER be on the same much as we would like to act like we are..

Don't even get me started..the "tension" will not be elminated until this country stands up and takes responsibility for what was done to our race. Something that can't be taken back and something that to this day has set black people 100 steps behind white people in terms of progress..

SOOO in closing..if a sista, brotha or who eva the hell else..wants to point out the fact that is different to be black get ova the shit and be comforted in the fact that you never have to deal with being turned down for a promotion or spit at or called "ghetto" because you are of african decent..

Geesh.... I guess I am racist..cause white people get on my nerves having the nerve to be "offended" ..please...

Thats all - I'll stop now

Me said...

oh and in anticipation of what you might say ..

Yeah I'm black ..liteskin and all ..just another product of what happened to our people..

and yeah I'm discrimated against and all that stuff..and back in the day I would have had to drink from the "colored" faucet..

I'm sorry if I sound really angry ..but shoot I am..

Miss Ahmad said...

Monique, considering white folks didn't have to endure slavery, apartheid/segregation, lynch mobs, cross burning, being spit on trying to vote, hosed down trying to go protest, jim crow laws or the countless other methods of instutiontialized racism enforced and endorsed by the US Of A.

We can be prejudicial but not racsict!!

with hand sanitizer on my desk!
Miss Ahmad and I'm out! said...

Huh! Are you for real?
Now I have come across many racial blogs, and I have just let them be. The great thing about this place called AMERICA is the freedom that we ALL have to say anything we want to say. And when I say we I mean us All. And Mrs. TJ stated: them fools don't EVA wash they hands, I meant exactly that! Them Fools!
Hey! Sometimes my hubby and little kids and other FOOLS don't wash they hands, but I treat them like anyone else, go back and wash them with soap or stay the hell out of my fridge, espically the women that don't use enough of toilet paper and liquid gets on the hands or MEN who drip, drip, drip then ZIP!
That's just nasty...I'm sure Moni will agree! I'm sorry I meant Monique. ;)
I forgot what we were talking about...Oh Yeah!
If you don't like do have the freedon to click to the next blog. Another great thing about america. No one likes blog wars, personally I think they are childish...hey childish, but entertaining!
HOLLA! Oh! I'm sorry.
I meant to say.
Good bye. ;)
tj said...

I also meant to say, I admire Monique for not stating her opinions anomalously, and being the educated black woman I am, I can respect her statments.
Where was the link to her site?
I can see it now...normally only "crazy" folks try to call other folks "crazy" basically cuz they are guily of being "crazy"...ha!

Cocoa Girl said...

To everybody (including Lil Mo) - thank you for sharing your comments and opinions.

Work is the Bain of ALL of our existences because, really, who in the hell really wants to do it - if they don't have to??? Who would ever subject themselves to the b.s. that accompanies working with people from all walks of life, with different values, backgrounds, psychoses and viewpoints in a competitive, challenging, sometimes hostile and oft times racially-charged environment? Then, toss paychecks, promotions, competition for pay increases, power trips, drug usage and personality disorders in the mix and you've got one f'd up situation.

Since work is a thorn in our sides - along with race because we DO LIVE IN AMERICA - I always encourage for people of all races and opinions to post on Cocoa Girl. Just keep the posts insult-free and we al can stand to learn a thing or two about the other side.

Come back now, ya hear!

Cocoa Girl said...

Oh, and if you're new to the mix, feel free to post a comment!

See ya tomorrow, when we'll take a look at how to tell if you're White in Corporate America.

Just kidding? Who knows...

:D said...

I was wondering if anyone would make that joke...I would love to see that list "How to tell you're white in corp america" that would be funny!

Single Ma said...

where's the link to her blog?

Supa said...

*snapping fingers*

it's getting hot in herree!

love it love it love it

your responses are so funny and on point!

*clapping for my blogger peeps!*

Robyn said...

O.K.! WHEW!! I just walked into a "doo doo" storm and I am FEELING the need to address the "angry white woman".

O.K., first of all, I soooooooooo agree with Single Mom and I am glad that you admitted that you were wrong to judge as far as the vernacular we choose to speak in when "we", black folks, are comfortable around each other.

Second, this is the SAME reason that I , who went to a predominantly WHITE institution of higher learning grew so tiiiiiiiiiiired of the ignorant, and yes I said ignorant, meaning, without knowledge-having lilly white girls who would ask me and friends of mine "why do you all sit together at the lunch table?" or "why don't you wash your hair everyday?" or "do you tan?" or a plethora of other "ignorant" statements.

Here's the deal. I will never know what it's like to be white and you will SURELY never UNDERSTAND what it's like to be black. There are some "general" beliefs that alot of black folks have when it comes to all kinds of stuff. Some of the things on the "you know you are black in corporate america if......" are just a few of them. And I am suuuure that there are beliefs that other races have as well. And the whole world isn't screaming racism! So, why are you pointing to it when it is really NOT THAT SERIOUS??? As for Cocoa saying that this is an "African American blog".....well......uh, though I've never seen her I DO BELIEVE she is what? huh? AFRICAN AMERICAN!!! Therefore...... I don't have to detail the rest to you do I? O.K. moving on.... you can follow the thought progression I'm SUUUURE.

But the issue when you boil it down is you apparently simply do NOT understand humor, black or white because I DO think some of Jeff Foxworthy's material is HILARIOUS, and I disagree that "if someone posted something about being white in corporate America, many African American people would be highly offended, citing racism". And just as Single Mom said.....if ya funny, ya funny.

Monique the "mad white woman" said...

To Robyn:
Can you explain to me WHY "black folks" talk in a different way with each other?

I can't respond to your thoughts about ignorant comments like eating at the same table together, washing hair, tanning, etc., because thankfully, I am not the ignoramous that ever asked those questions of anyone.

As for stating this is an African American blog...look at the way it was phrased. If her response was anything like Singlemom's response, taking the time to explain things, that would be one thing. But when a black woman tells a white woman, "this is an African American blog," I can almost guarantee that anyone else (including myself) would take it as meaning, "You're white, go away."

That's where I'm coming from when I say that if a white person said that, someone would cite racism. I showed this blog to both my white and black friends, and they all thought cocoa was saying just that.

Monique the "mad white woman" said...

Just because I don't find Jeff Foxworthy funny, does not mean I don't understand humor. Don't generalize.

Cocoa Girl said...

Monique - You have a tendency to read extra meaning into things.

I never told you to go away and actually wasn't even suggesting that you make that move. Essentially, you were complaining about me only focusing on black people ON A BLACK BLOG!! Then, said that if a white person wrote a post of similar persuasion that people would scream racism.

Also, stop generalizing what black people would do. How dare you treat us as if we are all the same damn person. When are people like yourself ever going to entertain the notion that not every black person has the free time, engergy or desire to sit and scream racism every time your race does some exclusive.

Monique - many of us just don't care. Many of us are just fine venting about the racism and unfairness in the world via methods like so. I've come across many racist web sites, blogs and comments via AOL's message boards and you know what: I don't care.

So, if we want to talk black on a black blog, that's what we're going to do. My comment to you about this being a 'black blog' was for you to realize that...that's like me going on the NRA message board and complaining that all of their messages were geared toward people who favor gun ownership.


Monique the "mad white woman" said...

Ready for this? You're right, I read something into it that wasn't there. I assumed, which I shouldn't have done. I can freely admit when I am wrong and apologize.

I realize now that my comments sound like I view all black people the same, but I really do not. Maybe I caught your blog on a bad day, I don't know. But even though at first I was not impressed, you and SingleMom have set me straight with your clear explanations, which is something you shouldn't have had to do in the first place.

I apologize for offending.

I read through a lot of your other posts, and I do like reading what you have to say. I was just too quick to judge about the language.

Cocoa Girl said...

I appreciate you honesty and your ability to acknowledge your mistakes.

Feel free to come back any time. BTW, are you from MN? I don't think I know you but for some reason feel as though you might be from my home state.

Monique the "mad white woman" said...

Very intuitive--how'd you know I'm in MN?

Cocoa Girl said...

A good friend of mine who has been following this post and who is also orginally from Minnesota mentioned the same thing the other night - before I expressed my thoughts. So, I told her I was going to ask you.

I dunno how I knew. I guess it was the combination of naivete- ignorance (in the true meaning) yet all-knowingness-openness to correction-seemingly sincere interest-to-learn-the-truth nature of your comments. I guess I just know my homestate peeps.

Funny, indeed. BTW, my mom’s an RN at HCMC – has been there for 25 years - and I also have two cousins who work at Abbott.

Monique said...

I'm impressed--you do know your homestate peeps. I live very close to HCMC, and hopefully, when I get my RN, will work there as well. Right now I work at United in St. Paul.

Georgiapeach said...

Great discussion.

Cocoa Girl said...

Yeah, I love it when people are open about their feelings. It's the only true way to tolerance. You can't address misunderstandings if everyone constantly hides how they really feel.

Monique said...

Well said.

Anonymous said...

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