Monday, April 17, 2006

Apocalypse now?

Grab the leagues of bottled water, flashlights and batteries, Cheez Its and other “foods” with a 10-year shelf life … Run for the hills; bolt underground and start scurrying for a ticket to somewhere, anywhere - but not before dropping to your knees to beg for mercy!

Cocoa Girl was actually on time for the second workday in a row! Now, given the insanity of such, you know that some crazy sheyot is about to pop off!!!

Is the negra turning over a new leaf with the spring weather? Is she now going to bed on time? Does homette require less sleep, or has she finally learned how to efficiently double as a slave to her pet AND her own impulsive, maniacal, diva, self-centered tendencies???

Who knows. Girly is just glad, as daily ANTM-esqe transformations on the 2 Express are none too cute.

With that said, please help Cocoa help herself by sharing your best time-savers for preserving the sexy (and the paycheck!) in the a.m., while of course still arriving to work on time.

Happy Monday!



Harlem Songstress said...

Cocoa--not sure if you noticed but there was a full moon this past week-maybe that had something to do with it :P

I am the wrong person to give tips on time savers in the morning. I have to be at work at 8:30am and never make it on time--it's like I get all caught up in the matrix :( The best I can offer is to make sure if you iron your clothes in the morning, turn it on while u'r in the shower so when you get out it will be hot-n-ready to go once you get out. Sad to day, but that's all i got!

Cocoa Girl said...

Not bad, HS. Perhaps I could try ironing clothes the night before or Sundays!

Yeah, I think it's a little ambitious, too?

Next! LOL

Nichelle said...

That's "all I got" too: Try doing everything the night before. Get your clothes and anything else you'll be walking out the door with ready.

I put my late days behind me a long time ago for my own peace of mind. Now, as someone who is not working (aka FREE!) my challenge is to get up early anyway so I can get my own work done. I'm going to at least put as much effort into my business as I have put into making money for other folks.

Supa said...

You askin' ME?

Supa said...

Two days in a row, hunh? I'm happy/disappointed in you!!

You my fellow chronically late negress!!!


btw - I was 35 minutes late today. So there. It was Sassy's fault...

Sangindiva said...

Because I don't wanna get the bougie Alexis Carrington-Colby smackdown I'm commenting!!
I really wouldn't be the one to ask-
Hell unless a plane (which waits for no one) is leaving
I don't even get UP untill noon!!

but I like your blog... hahaha!

Nichelle said...

LOL@ Supa and Sangin' Diva.

Miss Ahmad said...

Cocoa Girl~honestly i like to spend my mornings in bed looking out the windown listlessly and relaxing..which can make for a rushed event when it comes time to actually GO to work.

I find that other than laying out my clothes, and doing all my little prep stuff at night..prayer is key!

pray for a good morning when you go to bed and pray for a good day when you wake up!

the power of setting that intention and taking that moment for God can pave the way for a great day, and even on the rockies days, knowing it's grounded in prayer helps a ton!

Cocoa Girl said...

Supa - You are SO crazy. I am disappointed, yet proud of myself at the same time, too!

I think all I need is a good boss-style cuss out...LOL

Nichelle - Since you work for self, I cannot listen to you...LOL

Sangin Diva - Thanks for the comp, but I need HELP!

Miss Ahmad - I actually do pray but could stand to do it more. Thanks for the wonderful advice! said...

I try to get my whole weeks worth of outfits ironed on Sundays.
I also make sure I have toothbrush, toothpaste, D.O, pantyhose, face cleanser wipes, pop tarts...stuff like that in my desk drawer, so when I am rushing I can just do it at work. Yep, I let them pay me for eating my breakfast in the morning, then I go to the bathroom to brush and floss afterwards. HA!

Knockout Zed said...

I'm not sure you get credit for the two workdays in a row because you had a weekend in-between to rest up and whatnot.

I'm sure you're plenty sexy anyway and don't need all the prep time you take. Relax, mama!


i like liquor and tv said...

I suggest sleeping in your clothes, so you can just get up and go in the

But f'real, I usually do all that I can the night before, like ironing and eating (I don't eat breakfast). Also, I keep my alarm clock on the other side of the room so that I'm forced to get up out the bed. I been doin that since I was 15, and it hasn't failed me yet.

T. Cas said...

Sorry, CG. I can't help you with this one. I can be up and ready to go to work and still find some shiny object that'll distract me and make me late. I'm happy if I'm only 30 minutes late instead of 90 minutes late. I am the walking stereotype of cp time.

Single Ma said...

LMAO @ i like liquor and tv

"I suggest sleeping in your clothes, so you can just get up and go..."


Dat was hella funny. I can't stop laughing. I have no words after reading that!! LMAO!!

Single Ma said...

Ok, well maybe I can help my sista out with a few tips...not that I'm in any position to give 'em cuz if I'm less than 30 min late, I consider that on time.

Antyhoo, other than ironing and pampering Ms Alexa at night, I'd suggest not turning on the TV, computer or answering the phone. Those are my culprits. I can be ready, purse/keys/briefcase in hand, but let my favorite video come on or the phone ring. I sit my black behind down like it's Saturday morning. LOL

That's all I got. *shrug*

Harlem Songstress said...


I feel like starting a support group y'all " name is Harlem Songstress..and I..I..I'm a latetoworkaholic"

I thought I was the only one who had issues getting up early in the morning to get to work on time. It's nice to know my struggles are shared by others than myself--kinda makes me feel normal now instead of like I need to be shipped off to the land of misfits at the North Pole-lol

dpm said...

Try listening to music in the shower and give yourself 1 or 2 songs to get out of the shower.
I do this all the time. However, it never works for me. I always find excuses to stay in the shower. It sounds good. Maybe you'll have better luck.

Temp Whore said...

Hey Cocoa I will say that one thing that The Man loves to through at us it that we are always late! I will tell you that the only reason I am able to get to work is that I spend about a half an hour at night getting ready. I mean check the weather iron two out fits even down to the undies as well as packing lunch. In the morning I put the TV on the weather channel just long enough to see if there have been any changes I cut it off and get ready. I am out the door in 45 minutes hairdo and everything.

Cocoa Girl said...

Wow, thanks everyone. BTW, some of ya'll (ahem, LQ & TV) are crazy as hell! LOL

DPM - Music and me in the morning??? Hell nah! I'd call in sick...

TempWhore - I like that 30 mins at night thing. I think that's it. I need to designate a slot for nextday preparations!

solitaire said...

What's wrong with y'all Negroes?
I guess I'm not Black then, 'cause I'm always ON TIME!

Set your clocks 10 minutes fast.

Hell, ONE HOUR fast for some of y'all!

I love you Cocoa, I really do, but are you trying to get fired? I DON'T WANT THAT FOR YOU!! You've worked hard for what you got!
Unless you hate your job, GO TO WORK ON TIME!

If I don't, then ish doesn't go on the air, which means Sista Solitaire doesn't see a paycheck...which means she will have a hard time in this industry.
No way...and seeing how I'm the only Negro in the company, I set an example and run on TIME, not CP time!!

Miss Ahmad said...

Mostly I work in tv because our official work day doesn't really begin until 10am while in town..when i'm on the road it could differ.

i can totally be at work by or before 10am!

Anonymous said...

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