Thursday, April 13, 2006


Why do folks on the job ask for something to be done; you tell them that it's done; provide proof that it's done and - yet - they still manage to ask you again if it were actually done?


Happy Faux-Friday!



P said...


Why do employees track you down like you are a fugitive from justice.

- They leave you a voice mail
- Follow it up with an email
- Come by and say "Did you get my voice/email.


Why do employees ask you "Hey, I have a question, REAL QUICK".

It NEVA iz!

Harlem Songstress said...

WHY do people see you with your coat on gettign ready to walk out the door and want to ask you a work-related question???? (Shoot-can't they see I mentally have left the building and could care less about ANY if not all the work I did all day long?!!!)

WHY do senior executives in particular feel the need to discuss business if they catch you in the bathroom at the same time while you are IN the stall with the door closed?! (Dag--a girl can't even "handle her business" in peace There definitely should be some iceberg theory code of corporate conduct that the bathroom is OFF LIMITS for work related chats!!)

Supa said...

WHY do people say "can I give you this" or "can I sit down for a sec", and go ahead and do it any fucking way - without even waiting for an answer?!?

(still laughing over doo-rag dude)

Harlem Songstress said...


Du-Rag man is looking like he's a "two-snaps-in-a-circle" type of guy in that pic-lol Now before anybody gets their drawers all up in a bunch I have no problem with people who live alternative lifestyles-I just called his pic like I saw it-lol)

Supa said...

LOL @ Harlem Songstress!! That just about sums it up. :)

it just looks like somebody told him "stare into the light..."

inciquay said...

Mmm hmm, I get them fools that ask me a question and then when I answer it they play this staring contest with me where they don't say nuthing else but keep lookin' dead in my eyes. I think it's a jedi mind trick where they try to make me feel uncomfortable so that I keep talking and end up looking stupid. It's like a power-trip game and it don't work on Inciquay. I am the staring contest champion! said...

Why do I have to work for the man?
Seriously..Why do people act like you are being a B*tch when you are CYA, but when they do it, they just following up and doing thier job? Jerks.
Have a blessed Easter Holiday.

Cocoa Girl said...

Keep em coming...I'll definitely post answers...

BTW, ya'll crazy!

i like liquor and tv said...

To follow up Harlem Songstress..and WHY do they like talking about work during lunch? See, that's why I don't like going out to lunch with em.

Another question, Why do idiots with no lives like scheduling meetings after 4 PM..and not only that, talk and talk and ask dumb questions even though no one's listening to them?

i like liquor and tv said...

Du rag man look like a muppet with them thick ass eyebrows

Supa said...

OMG he DOES look like a MUPPET!!!

WHY did they put that corny fool on the Du-rag package?

Single Ma said...

Why do people walk up to my desk when they see I'm typing (so what if I'm blogging) and say "are you busy?" *blank stare*

Why do people ask "can I ask you a question?" WTF!!

Why do people ask me "what's wrong?" just because I'm not wasting time and gossiping with everyone else at the water cooler?

Why does my boss always begin his sentences with "Single Ma I need you again, can you do me a favor?" I mean if I say no, then what?

Why does the new chic come to work looking like she's headed to the club at 5:00? What ever happened to, when in doubt, dress like your boss or the people around you.

I can't wait to see your answers. You are so crazy Cocoa! LOL

P said...

@ I love liquor AND TV:

DITTO to your comments! HAHA @ the 4pm meetings. WTF are THOSE all about.

@ Single Ma: Yeah, I get those blank stares, too (I'm in HR). Just because I didn't give you the answer you wanted to hear doesn't mean that it's not the right answer"

Cocoa: Love the post, might have to duplicate on mines!

Miss Ahmad said...

Why did I date a dude that wore a doo rag like it was a security blanket who couldn't understand why he wasn't landing the jobs he was qualified for...

educated brother with a master's degree walking around looking like who done it and WHY??

Why does my boss come to work for a few hours a day just to make everyone feel uncomfortable, then leave again???

Why do folks act like making television is rocket science and freak the hell out when I try to do simple go home!

Why did my old boss corner me at a party and try to get me to quit my current job to "come back to him"...

Why do all the white girls I work with have more ass than me???

I must stop really I must!

Harlem Songstress said...

WHY do managers dub everything a "project" no matter how non-related/left field it is to your key roles and responsibilities just so that it seems like whatever they are asking you seems "key" to helping the company go way above and beyond their EBIT?

Single Ma said...

LMAO @ Ms Ahmad

"Why do all the white girls I work with have more ass than me???"

Do some booty squats to beef it up!


Go buy you some like they prolly did! LMAO!

Harlem Songstress said...

WHY is it that everytime I misdial any of my friends' phone numbers from work a Spanish speaking person picks up the phone?

i like liquor and tv said...

WHY did I JUST (like 5 mins ago)have to curse this man on my team out cause he said I wasn't a "team player" just because I wouldn't cover for him just so he can go golfing or whatever the hell he does when he skips work?

solitaire said...

Why do white chicks come up to you, asking dumb questions like "Oh, are you filling in for the time being until they find someone for the position?" ... knowing fully well that you have moved into the position and they're mad as heck that you're doing it better than them?
SHIZ!! Mad as heck!

T. Cas said...

Why did I not leave work until 11:30 last night and then have people call me at 8:30 in the morning?

Why can't some people stop talking about their private business at work?

Why are my boss and my colleague taking tomorrow off for Good Friday? Ain't i a Christian too?

Why is it 88 degrees and you wearing corduroy pants?

Why do you try to run a meeting with Microsoft Live meeting if you don't know how to use it?

Why is you touching me?

Why is this the most fun I had all day?

Supa said...

LOL @ everyone's comments!!

WHY did the Whiny White Chick in the office come into my office start CRYING because she said she's so stressed coming to work and simultaneously having construction upgrades done on her HOUSE? (as in, the bitch got FAT money)

WHY did I just look at her ass wanting to yell GROW SOME OVARIES BITCH!!!!

*whew* I'm out.

And I'm a non-working cocoa chick tomorrow, yay!!!!

Harlem Songstress said...

WHY have I worked my butt off all day, stopped off to run some errands, and come home, only to find out Cocoa has not posted the answers yet??

(GG-U know I aint got nuthin but love 4 u !!! :)

By the way--can't help seeing that du-rag pic everytime the site pulls up, and:

WHY did I have a flash back to my 1st grade picture when they do that double image effect?? lol

Anonymous said...

Why do I get along with my whole department?

Why do companies complain about "clock-watchers", but ain't trying to pay folks any OT?

Why do people who do the least work get the "equity adjustments", while you slave away and only get a COLA?

Why is my institution fly paper for the walking wounded?

Why do people like hearing the same answer, verbatim, from my white boss as opposed to my fine, Black ass?

Anonymous said...

Why do people at work do everything so fast? I don't mean work, I mean running to the restroom, washing hands, running back to their cubicle, running to the printer, etc. Oh, and why (I know not on CP time, but do you have to be at the company party at 6pm on the dot! It goes till 10pm and you have to stay).

Supa said...

"why is my institution fly paper for the walking wounded.."


Uh...Cocoa Girl???????

Supa said...


*crickets chirping*

Harlem Snowflake said...

Why didn't I know you hi-larious ladies back when I was working in CorporateHell? I'm in the nonprofit world now, where I have to ask:

Why does my boss pay me change to work my ASS off, justified by the fact that it's a "nonprofit" and then describe what we get paid to potential funders as a "living wage"? Living where? Idaho?

Also, just wanted to introduce myself. Ms. Cocoa, I have been lurking on your blog for a bit and I LOVE it. We have lots in common, from what I"ve read, outside of the fact that we both love writing (duh). Me- born in Mpls, college in Chicago, live in Harlem these days. I love reading your posts and your friends' comments.

Keep it up, girl, you got me laughing out loud all the damn time. (I mean, the doo-rag guy - why is his ass so happy? And why does it look like he's wearing lip gloss? No boy I know wearing a doo-rag or not has such shiny, glossy lips...)

Cocoa Girl said...

Supa "crickets chirping..." LMBAO!!!

You are so crazy!

Welcome Harlem Snowflake. Glad to have ya here:) MPLS, Chi-town and!

How long did ya live in MPLS?

Harlem Snowflake said...

Cocoa - I grew up there, in South Mpls, by Powderhorn Park (if you know where that is)...18 years...then off into the Real World...

Cocoa Girl said...

That's so funny. I remember Powderhorn Park and thinking it was the bomb (we were like 8 years old, but still).

I think it used to be a kiddie hot spot back in the day, no? I grew up over North...right next to Robinsdale, and attended North High:) Nice to meet you!

MsJayy said...

Why do employers sit you in 3hour work sessions to get your input as to how long a project will take and then turn around and tell you when it has to be completed which is considerably shorter than your estimate?

Anonymous said...

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