Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Wednesday's Workplace Wordage: "Not Famil"

This week's word is brought to us compliments of Cocoa Girl's favorite Sri Lankan flavor in the office.

Cocoa Girl: "What do you think of that green leather hobo from Marc Jacobs?"

S.L.F.: "Dunno, hon...not famil

Alternatively seen/heard as "unfamiliar" OR "not familiar with," NOT FAMIL is a must-have for those office slaves toiling away on the fast-paced C.S.S. What makes this Wednesday's wordage even MORE popular is the fact that it spares us use of one whole syllable! Yup, probably a whopping one-hundreth of a second.

While it's extra richickulous, Cocoa personally digs this one. When spoken in the correct accent, it could make any executive-in-training sound hella aloof, b.k.a. NYC-cool.

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Cocoa Girl

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Wednesday's Workplace Wordage: "Whelmed Up"

Sample usage: “Sorry for swearing guys. I just was really whelmed up over that trade a second ago.”

Cocoa heard this dose of ridiculousness yesterday and suspects it's a hybrid of the terms “overwhelmed” and “worked up,” both of which should NEVER be used by anyone of the non-white male variety at work. For one, only power-hungry, uptight "bitches" get worked up on the job (thought you knew) and, two, it is not polite for black folks to worked up, angry, or overwhelmed in the office....

More sample usage...
GOOD: “Man, I’m really whelmed. I cannot believe dude dissed you like that…what a prick!”

BAD: “Yo, he got a n!gga all whelmed and he wasn’t even talking to me...punk a$$ b!tch.”

GOOD: “No, I can handle it…just whelmed up over that .000000075 percentage point…it was ours man, it was ours.”

BAD: “She is whelming my got-damn nerves!”

GOOD: “As your manager, I’d like to see you more whelmed up over the day-to-day needs of this department.”

BAD: (to the manager) “I don’t see a need for you to get all whelmed up over this stuff…it happens all the time.”

Now you try..