Saturday, July 08, 2006

Black people do the darndest things!

No matter how pro-Black Cocoa feels on any given day, I would be a straight up lie, if I did not admit that there are a few things The Race can (and does!) do to drive my behind up a wall.

Yes, other races also partake in a bit too much ‘group-think’ for Cocoa’s liking, BUT they ain’t my people. So, outside of work, commuting to work, shopping at Bloomingdales, visiting most of my doctors, ordering my food, trying on shoes, and seeking customer service, Cocoa tries to give herself a break on thinking about the others as much as possible.

Back to the lecture at hand… There are a few annoying/trifling/just plan a$$ RIDICULOUS things that Cocoa cannot/does not/probably should understand about The Race… can you help a sister out?

Black people, why do other black people...

...keep molesters around the children? I cannot recall how many times (even my OWN family) that I've heard "it's not job to judge's GOD's!" Um…since when did keeping the nasty bastard away from the family kiddies qualify as ‘judging?’ And, don't get me started on that pervert R-Kel... people on their cell phones when they're at work? Random yes, but it JUST HAPPENED to me! I work, dammit. Do not call my freaking mobile at 2:57 on a Friday afternoon!

...think it's now cool to rock Botox and fake boobs? Many influential black women are now taking a spin on this self-hatred joyride. There weren't enough folks already hating and hating on us that we needed to join in on all the fun, too?

...act like 'New Age' is the hottest thing since slice bread? Not that everyone needs to be on Team Jesus, or kneeling for the sake of Allah, but gimme a damn break. A peachy-colored Jesus and a few obviously necessary rules of conduct ain't excuse enough for your a$$es to denounce all religion as the evil.

...rally around obviously guilty muthafuggas just because they're black? Hell, yes! I DID bring it back to that trifling R-Kel. Heads up: If you know that your response will contain the words "others" and "do it," save your stroking (of the keyboard) for that R&B rapist’s fan club site!

...represent 5'1/220 lbs. as "thick?" Granted, I am not going to diss Team Chunk whatsoever - especially since I might soon join the squad (Cocoa loves me a meal Popeye's and strawberry cupcakes!) – but, last time I checked, the proper adjective for a hefty dose of madness like so was called UNHEALTHY! particular, why does a large part of black women pledge allegiance to the tribe of Blackcockown Lee when a large part of brothers do not/will not grant them the same place on the totem pole?

...denounce issues like 'colorism' as passe, like all the brown girls getting play in Hollyhood nowadays don't have Euroquestionable features and silky, blonde weave down their backs?

...get disrespectful when you chastise their kids for being disrespectful?

Cocoa's just asking… Got answers? Got more questions?

Cocoa Girl