Monday, August 21, 2006


I know, I know…what kind of writer forgets their own blog birthday?

One year ago, Cocoa Girl, the burgeoning writer, embarked on a little task to build what those non-fic folks in the publishing world like to call a "platform." Cocoa remembers the conversationS (emphasis on the plural) going a little something like this...

Agent/editor: "Your voice is strong, identifiable, likeable. Your proposal is great - I definitely think it will work. Yet, I'm thinking that we need to see a platform from you. It's just that you are a new writer and that's what my [editor/marketing & research/Acquisitions] boss would like to see..."

With that much, Cocoa Girl on the Job (which actually started as "Observations from a Cocoa Girl at Work") was born and on August 17, 2005.

It's funny: Upon first blog (more like the first few months), the process seemed so darn labor-like. For whatever reason, blogging felt more so like a chore than a creative exercise in career building. Yet, although it seemed as if nobody was reading my site, I continued to write and write and write some more.

One day in late November, some Cali chick with a hella cool logo left a comment on my site. I had never before 'seen' her, but she came back the next day, and the next and the next. Of course, I had to check her out and when I did, I must say that homey was HEE-LARIOUS (to use one of her words). To this day, I still LMAO at her assigning Mr. Sadaam Hussein his very own gangsta moniker ("That N!gga Dam!") because him and his peeps were getting gully in court. From that very day, I was hooked and over the course of the next few weeks, I became hooked on her blogroll. After reading (stalking?) other folks' sites continuously, I fell in love with a few of their sites and the notion of writing for the sake of writing. It was no longer a chore. I liked it.

So, here I am today kiddies... Blogging away – well, at least some days of the week, tho I will get better with the 6-week recovery period. The book? I was going to post on that one, but thought I'd wait until September:)

Thanks to all for checking me out and for all the love and encouragement. To my fellow bloggers, thanks for the get to tweaking those manuscripts!

Cocoa Girl


T. Cas said...

Congrats on your one year stint in the blogging world. I remember the first time I read you. You did a hip hop music quiz. Then I started checking you daily and was hooked.

nikki said...

damnit! i been checking this all morning so i can be first and the one minute i step away to post my entry cas beat me to it. DAMN HIM. lol

aiight, now that my petulant moment is over, congrats on your one year anny! i think this is the month most folk started their blogs cuz i'm seeing this kind of entry everywhere! did i find you...i think it was through cas, but i'm not sure. either way, i'm glad i found you cuz you always give me a good laugh and a dose of insight. your writing is wonderful and it compells me to come back everyday!

A woman on the move said...

Congrats on your one year!
And many more...

H-Town Gyrl said...


You are my blog inspiration (I know that is soooo corny). But seriously, like you, I started blogging to have a place to write but for now, it is more tedious than anything and I don't keep up with it as much. However, hearing that you started that way is inspiring cause I love your blog and your anecdotal views of the daily grind. Keep up the good work!

Now let me get off your page, I'm sounding like a CGOTJ stan.

P said...

One of the best of the best.

Happy Blog Ann!

(I feel like dancing to "In the Club by fiddy right now)

Go, Cocoa, it's yer Birthday! said...

It would NOT be the same without you sista!

inciquay said...

Congrats girl! It is truly an awesome feat of dedication and hilarious insights to still have a great attiude and zeal for continuing the good fight. I soo need to read a book by you, I hope this platform is working' for you cuz it's workin for me! I'm hooked!

Harlem Songstress said...

Happy 1st Birthday CG!! May you have many more :)

Anonymous said...

Oh Happy Day, Oh Happy Birthday!
Wow....... it's only been one year

Knockout Zed said...

Happy muthafuckin' birthday! I didn't realized we started so closely to one another.


chica said...

Congrats! I enjoy your commentary about all things Cocoa!

Miss Ahmad said...

umm who was the blogger?

and umm happy birthday and umm i'm coming back east come hell or high water and we're gonna have some fun!

Single Ma said...

Happy Blogbirfday!! I remember my first time at your spot (late Dec), but I don't remember how I found you. I enjoyed your writing before you started spicing it up and I love it even more now!

There's no other like Ms Cocoa.

Organized Noise said...

Happy Birthday. I missed most of the first year, but I'll definitely be around for year two.

1969 said...

Congrats are one of the Blogs that inspired me to write more.

Good luck on that book!

The Young Old Soul said...

I have been a lurker for a while, but I would like to come out of hiding and congratulate you on your first year!

Cocoa Girl said...

Aww...THANKS errbody!

Sorry that I'm just now getting back on, but I'se busy getting ready for NYU hospital:)

I'm glad that folks are feeling the writing. I'm also glad that folks can relate to my experience. I don't know exactly how I turly started to enjoy blogging for the sake of writing, but I did.

Glam - The bloggette mentioned in the post is none other than that 'Supa' chick in LA.

Single Ma - Love the new look.

The Young Old Soul - Welcome. I always love when lurkers come out of the darkness - helps me to know that I'm striking a cord (or a nerve! LOL) with folks.

Okay...lemme get back to today's post!

Love ya'll, mucho!

i like liquor and tv said...

aww your blog is a LEO. Happy birfday!

Supa said...

"some Cali chick"

(I'ma get that on a tshirt.)

Hey Cocoa Girl - congrats on your blog birthday - 'cuz what would cyberspace be without the hee-larious musings of a brown girly at the job!? :) Hon, lemme tell ya, first thing I did at work (after I dragged my late ass there) would be to go to your blog to get me started for the day. :)

A whole year has gone by?? Ahhh, and look at us now. :)

Hope you're doing and feeling well, and thanks for the shout! (been doing sooo bad w/blogging and commenting lately..that silly thing called LIFE - lol)

I know you're on the right coast and I 'aint neva met cha - but you mah girl. :) Many MORE blessings to come.

Nichelle said...

Happy Blog Birthday Cocoa - and feel better!