Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Performance Anxiety

Tuesday has come and gone and still no word of annual performance reviews. Not for sure what's going on, but whatever it is it surely doesn't smell too flowery (yes, Cocoa understands that the word is 'floral'!).

I suspect the Firm PTB are plotting to get rid of somebody. Who? Who knows...could be the renegade assistant or me (the other renegade assistant). Either way, I am sure the post-verbal-bitch-slap buzz will be well worth the wait.

Kind of on-topic... I just finished scanning an article that says a firing could be the best thing to happen to a person. I agree, especially if said person has been putting off a great pursuit thanks to fear. Quiet as kept, Cocoa has actually hoped a firing on a person or two. Let's face it: some folks just need a little extra help getting the party started.

I know exactly what I would do if a pink slip met me in the grill tomorrow. Please don't ask why. I guess some folks are just a bit better at some things than others. My speciality happens to be rebounding from being quired (quit or fired...who knows!) and such.

Question: If you were fired tomorrow, what would be your three-month game plan?

Mine? I'd study my arse off for my upcoming entrance exam, while temping in an easy ass gig that would afford me plenty of study time. Matter of fact, I might even leave the City for three months and sublet my place at a hiked rate for extra cash flow. Around one month before my exam, I'd start looking for some longer-term easy opportunities to hold me over until the first day of classes. Then, the work world would be history for a few years.

Your turn...

Cocoa Girl