Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Empathy: Need Not Apply

While I have much sympathy for little Miss STBF, empathy, which requires a good amount of identification, is something that Cocoa clearly cannot afford to offer homegirl.

Looming termination, dissatisfactory job performance and new resumes confidentially (hand) delivered to Bosslady abound, and girly still has enough trust (naivete?) and confidence (money) to buy a $3,000 camera.

No, she is not a freelance photographer. She does dream of becoming one (try again). And, no, she is not enrolled in a photography class, visually chronicling the last days of her dying grandmother. She simply takes pictures as a h...o...b...b...y.

Wish I could reckon my need for a steady income to a matter of frolic.

Haterade...so nutritious!


African girl, American world said...

gurl you do it for me...I laugh everytime I read you. a $3000 hobby..Daddy's money comes in handy.

The Artist In Me said...

Is she getting paid like that to be able to afford a camera like that? I mean shoot, I do some photography...for more than a hobby and I couldn't afford $3000 beans!

Cocoa Girl said...

@ Mwabs,

Girl...thank you so much. Sorry for the late response but Cocoa's been sick-o! How's it going in L-Town?

@ Artist
LOL @ "I couldn't afford 3000 beans!"

I don't think it's HER pay! I think it's her parents' pay or something!