Friday, February 29, 2008

Gotta be a C4UC Classic!

Cocoa has been on the verge of tears since arriving to work this morning, for two very different reasons. One is a better suited for the other blog, while the second reason has can’t be real/gotta be a script written all over….

The Scene: The “Industry” (Entertainmentland for the unassuming)
Characters: High-maintenance, high-level female executive; her assistant and her assistant’s assistant (Moi-Moi!)
Act 1: HMHLFE is “accidentally” running late for a meeting on her floor with fellow Industry bigwigs who stood her up the previous week.

HMHLFE leaves her office & approaches the HA’s desk; HAA (me-me!) looks on…

(Dropping her Grande Skinny Latte on the desk, an EMPTY-HANDED Bosslady chimes)
“HA –Will you follow me in the conference room with this…please?”

(HA, on the verge of WTF???) “Um, sure…no problem…?”

HMHLFE leads the way toward the glass walls & door enclosed conference room. A confused HA kung-fu grips the Starbucks like the Holy Grail and trails closely behind.

Upon reaching the glass-walled conference room brimming with Industry bigwigs, HMHLFE enters and lets the door (also glass a.k.a. see-through!) slam in HA’s face.

A confused (facially bruised?) HA struggles to let herself in the door and stumbles inside embarassed. Scurrying toward her big shot, she drops the cup and runs back to her desk – still confused as to what transpired.

Only in the Cubicle World, kids. Only in the Cubicle World.

TGTT (Thank God This is Temporary!)


Destined for Greatness said...

This is the reason that I aspire to have an office... I will not treat my people all crazy like the HMHLFE but to have the option will be nice!!

Cocoa Girl said...

@ DFG -

Yes, I used to dream about bossing around my underlings (only child/aggression issues). LOL!

summer said...

Hi! Stumbled over from Mwabi's spot....

That is weird. Was that just straight power-trippin or what?

Hot Grrrl said...

Tell me these aren't people of color!!!!

Cocoa Girl said...

@ Summer -

Power tripping at its finest. I worked on Wall Street for a few years and never seen anything like it!

@ Hotness
Girl, no! LOL

Anonymous said...

That is shameful and pathetic and an obvious need for attention from HMHLFE. But funny as hell because I'm not involved.

Love the "TGTT," sign off, though.

DollFace said...

What in the world?! You would think someone with that type of gall would be able to admit to her assistant that she is replacing her.