Friday, February 01, 2008

'temping' ain't easy...

at least, not all of the time!

There was this blogger I used to follow on the regular by the name of "Temp Whore" who clearly was chronicling the story of Cocoa's current life as a temporary worker without knowing it.

Like me, TW loved the freedom that temp work offers. No chains, shackles or b*tch slaps here because, as a non-permanent employee, you are free to walk away from the insanity of the C.S.S. ("corporate slave ship" for the newbies) at any given time. Yet, the benifits do not stop on the Amistad/"give us free" tip! Not only can you bounce if not feeling the scene, but you are no longer hostage to all that cult activity that threatens to damper your Monday-Friday existence. Botox-necessitating (faux) smiles? Gone! The Happy Hour Hostage/Help! situation? You can't do me nada! OT everyday a.k.a. "time and a half?" Yes, yes, ya'll! The positives of temp work are endless. So what is Cocoa's beef? Glad you asked...

I am currently on assignment with this "Industry" exec who rivals Ms. Wintour. If it weren't for the facts that she remembers my name and tosses a "thank you" on the end of every request, I'd be shopping around my newest manuscript: "The Devil Wears Tori Burch." Every day it's:

"Cocooooa...let's call so-in-so", which actually entails yours truly dialing and telling her when to pick up!
"Cocoooa...did we receive an email from such-in-such?" Mind you, "we" have separate email addresses!
"Cocooooa...can you take this tea bag and make me some tea and bring it to me in the conference room (across the office) with an extra cup so I can discard the tea bag into it???"

Me lying? Don't count on it.

Stay tuned and happy Friday!
CG, your humble (temp) servant


Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

nice blog folk, chk me out one day if u can, maybe we can exchange links, here are some sample post. (the midas touch) .. (poor mr or mrs next president) and
penchant 4 commitment and this THANK WE FREE

Cocoa Girl said...

:D Cool. Thanks for stopping by!

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

any time hon just return the favor

African girl, American world said...

gurl stop! I'm dying! I missed you soooooo much. Baby Phat, t-bag....I love you!