Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Temporarily Annoyed

My faux coworkers have me quite agitated today. One is sickly, which is not bothersome in and of itself. Yet the way she keeps spreading negativity into our partially sunny, unseasonably warm, 60-plus degrees in early March existence is enough to make Cocoa cut her with my eyes. Her illness does not require all that gloom and doom. I am sickly and awaiting my physical healing as well, but damn. Give us a break, please. She said she sees no hope. I replied things will get better to which girly actually copped an attitude with me. I'll be damned if I try that again. Perhaps next time she says it is all over, I will quip "Yeah, you probably should start doing all those things you always wanted to do in life but never got the chance to do...PRONTO!!!!"

Next up: Little Miss STBF... who, by the way, actually deserves to be fired. I previously discounted her boss, Anna Wintour-not!, as cruel and conniving for attempting to replace her vacationing assistant with temporary-worker me. Weeks later, I still do not want the job; however, it appears that her current assistant does not want it either. She never completes tasks when requested and/or required (thanks Facebook & MySpace). AWN (high, high, high-ranking executive) has to hound her for updates, which girly never has in tow. She fails to handle the most-simple tasks on a daily basis. It boggles the mind that sweetie is still employed....to the tune of about $80K/year, mind you.

I guess (private) education really does pay.

Is it really only Tuesday,
Cocoa Girl