Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Your Purpose is Not a Profession...part deux.


*wipes my brow...mightily*

I'm presently in this wonderful "class" at my worship home covering this wonderfully amazing book that happens to cover topics such as our talents, our dreams, God's tailor-made plans for each of us to change this world, and how to embrace all of the above. In class last week, our pastor stated that a "calling is not a career." On Sunday, he stated "your purpose is not a profession."

As someone who has been rather, um, career obsessed, I struggled a bit to understand what he meant. So, I did what hopefully we all would do when we question, struggle with, or disagree with the validity of a point - especially whereas our spirituality is concerned - I asked for clarification. Below is some of what I found out. I hope it somehow helps you take a little pressure off yourself, too.


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[Your calling is not a 'career' - compliments of our youth and young adult pastor]

A calling is something that we all have if we believe that we are created by and are children of God. A calling CAN be understood in terms of passion, career/vocation, life's purpose; but should never be REDUCED to any such term.

It can involve your career, but is more than your career. Our careers can be the vehicles through which our callings are realized. I may have the same calling as a youth social worker who uses spiritual principles, but we have different careers/vocations that naturally manifest our callings. I truly believe that if we follow our callings (and if you don't know what that is...follow your true passions) we will end up in the "career/life work" that is right for us.

The difficulty is that we may not realize [our calling/career/life work] until the end! So we have to learn how to LIVE now!!!