Monday, December 15, 2008

Obligatory Fun: Holiday Edition

While many employers in the free world have dumped the office holiday party in light of the current economic crisis, my C.S.S. (corporate slave ship) is plowing full speed ahead! Not only are we celebrating the holiday season this year (ack...I'll get to that soon), but my Wall Street firm is also on a hiring frenzy. Business is good for us. So let me go on record now as saying I am thankful and grateful.

Now... since we all have established that Cocoa is thankful and grateful to be employed, let's also assume that I am not some bitter employee who is jealous because I won't be snagging the walking papers and severance pay this year. You know, the things that actualizing passions, spending massive "me" time, traveling the world, and (ahem!) publishing your first manuscript are made of.... So, anyhow, yes, now that we're all in agreement that this Cocoa ain't bitter to punch the proverbial clock at 9:30a while her friends sleep 'til 11a, allow me to also go on record as saying "I SO do not wish to attend our Firm's holiday party."

Since I have become re-energized and serious about publishing my work, the current j-o-b is really just that for me. A place where I go to do some work and get paid. Why must I be forced to sacrifice my personal time to the obligatory fun gods with people who otherwise wouldn't make the slumber party list?

It may be foul of me, but Cocoa would also like to go on record this morning as saying that I'm happy for her current "cough, cough" thing. While it comes with a sore throat and raspy twang, today's budding sickness might just be the excuse needed to help me haul ass home directly after work tomorrow. No holiday "fun" for me? Bummer!

Cheers *terse smile*


Friday, December 12, 2008

Overheard on the Job

"I made a bet with my parents and I have to be 99 pounds by January
1st. I went to the doctor today and I'm up to 101!" (exclamation
point not mine!)

Cocoa, SMDH, Girl