About Miss Move

January 2011 will mark writer and blogger Rachel SV’s 10th anniversary living in New York City and toiling away in the working world, full-time with benefits style. Her milder, kinder, Midwest upbringing, coupled with the fact that she only held two jobs prior to college graduation, made for an at-times difficult first five years on the job -- in New York City of all places.

The challenges that Rachel faced as a talented yet inexperienced workabee in competitive industries and her desire to succeed drove her to eat, drink and sleep all things career advancement, personal development, living according to one’s purpose, and working while black -related. Several years, and many successes later, these subjects have revealed themselves as Rachel's passions and continue to dominate the pages of her five-year-old blog baby, “Cocoa Girl at Work…where thriving in all areas of life is my dream job.”

In addition to blogging on Cocoa Girl at Work, Rachel also writes articles on careers, spirituality, self-improvement, and New York City living. She presently resides in a brownstone in Harlem, NY, NY, with her two girl cats, former-strays, Alexa Lenox and Giselle.

I also can be found writing here:

The Pulse of Young Black America