About MCG

Launched in August 2005, “Cocoa Girl at Work…” (f.k.a. Cocoa Girl on the Job) is an offspring of the first non-fiction manuscript by yours truly, which offers the world an honest yet hilarious perspective of working while black and female in *gasp* Corporate America.  Originally intended to document my struggles to get ahead in the once cut-throat, non-ethnically diverse and uber catty female battlefield called “NYC agency public relations,” the earlier posts of Cocoa Girl at Work feature enough snark, sass and bad-assness to rival a full season of RHOA.

Yet, as that funny thing called “Life” happened, and, as I learned the ropes, I grew up. Lingering feelings of frustration, confusion, and lack that once plagued my mind during – and well after – normal business hours gave way to a sense of purpose and self-mastery. The latter birthed a new and improved focus for la blog: thriving.

“I’ve learned that making a living isn’t the same thing as making a life.” 

~ Maya Angelou, Cocoa Girl Extraordinaire

Always a fan of Ms. Angelou, I take her wisdom to heart.  Excelling at life, and our whole life (so help us God), requires our utmost attention, dedication and passion, just like a full-time job. Therefore, while still full of sass and wit (and a little bit of snark), today, “Cocoa Girl at Work…where thriving in all areas of life is my dream job.” aims to give women and men a fresh perspective that assists them in key areas of Life, e.g. Purpose, Careers, Friendships, Personal Development, and Spirituality.

Check back regularly and click the ‘tags’ at the bottom of the posts for topics that appeal to you.